The Big De-stash!

9 Mar

I found the “Bathing Beauties” photo as I was going through some ephemera, trying to de-stash — a process that’s exceedingly difficult for a pack rat/junk hoarder.  Last night, I brought home all my scrabble pieces from the shop and spent hours going through them to find out what letters were missing and which letters (mostly vowels) had taken over!  That de-stash was a success, and the weeded-out letters are now organized — can you believe it? — and sealed away in baggies until they’re needed.  I may fill an old bottle with all the “I”s and label it “It IS all about me.”  OR . . . maybe some necklaces.  Strike that.  AND . . . maybe some necklaces.  I bought some wonderful images from some ETSY artists a few weeks ago and need to get busy using them!  As for the time at hand . . . now that I have a quiet house, I need to throw a pizza in the oven and get back to sorting through all my wonderful junk.  A Junkologist’s work is never done!


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