In Living (room) Color

10 Mar

Things aren’t always black and white.  In my house, that’s certainly true.  I can live with the water-stained ceiling we haven’t quite finished painting;  the new flooring that’s been lacking quarter-round for almost five years;  even the new kitchen flooring that forms an area rug over the old linoleum because all that’s left are the tiles that require cutting — and that’s hard!  But what I can’t live without is color!  The pictures I posted below show the wide range of color in my life.  Sometimes I just sit and gaze at the beauty of the stained glass pieces.  No wonder laundry and dishes pile up!  I’m inspired and uplifted by the color that surrounds me.  Spring’s almost here, yet our yard is still brown, and the live oaks are starting to lose their leaves, so even our trees look dead.  We’ve been in a drought for so many months that I’ve lost count.  But it’s spring year-round inside. 

Is it ironic that, as I’m writing this, I’m wearing black shorts and a black-and-white striped shirt?!


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