Laundry doesn’t do itself

16 Mar

If only there were a laundry fairy.  I’d believe.  I’ve always been a glass half-full instead of half-empty person, so fairies I can believe in. 

Vacation is over.  Now I’m back in the real world with a very large mound of laundry that will grow even larger tonight after bath time.  And, alas, we’re fresh out of laundry fairies.  But the really sad thing to me about laundry, besides the squeak of the dryer which I sometimes accompany with lyrics, is how it keeps me from junking.  It anchors me and comes close to pulling me under. But while I’m fold, fold, folding away, my mind wanders about all things junk.  Like how, over the course of the weekend, my shop space became picked-over.  And how I can’t wait to hit the flea market Sunday morning to replenish.  And how I should be getting tags ready.  And how I plan to go to an auction tomorrow night.   And how Warrenton is almost here!  (I need to stop before I pass out from excitement on the mound of undone laundry.)  And tomorrow . . . I must paint.  I’m in need of a re-do at the shop.  I found this great white cabinet that may be too HUGE to haul in the minivan, but I’m considering the purchase once measurements are finalized.  That baby could hold so much junk!  So goes my ramblin’ mind . . . bring on the load of whites, I’ve got junk to daydream about!!mountains-005


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