St. Pat’s Pot o’ Gold

17 Mar

My mom and I both thought we found a pot of gold today.  One of us did. One of us wasn’t so lucky.  Maybe one of us is more Irish than the other?!  Let’s start with Mom:  She won a $250,000 sweepstakes and was notified today!  Yay, our team!!  Or so she thought.  Unfortunately, it was all some scam involving the names of legitimate businesses in the U.S. and in Canada.  I don’t know if the scammers were preying on senior citizens or if it was all random.  Luckily, we did a little research to prove to her that it was a scam.  And this comes at a time when the money could really come in handy. . . not that there’s a time where $250,000 wouldn’t be handy!  Duh!!  Okay . . . my Irish luck led me to a fantabulous dumpster dive find!  I rescued the table below from someone’s trash pile.  It’s a drop leaf, and the leaves actually work!  A little paint will make it just spiffy.  I know pots of gold are supposed to be at the end of rainbows, but we haven’t seen a rainbow in so long.  I think St. Patrick took pity on me!  Regardless, I think the table rescue proves how green I was today!


another view of the rescued table:



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