I hit pay dirt after 3 hours at auction!

18 Mar

You just never know how high prices are going to be at auction.  Depends on who’s there.  Depends on whether the Spurs are playing or whether the Spurs are playing in town.  But you can count on seeing the regulars.  Though we alternate between auctions, you can count on running into at least a few regulars every Tuesday night. 

There was a fantastic piece of stained glass last night, and stained glass guy wasn’t even there.  So, I thought maybe I had a chance to score this beautiful piece instead of being my usual bottom feeder self.  I was wrong and outbid.  I also lost out on a couple of fireplace surrounds that had beautiful matching mirrors.  But that’s okay.  It’s not really fireplace season anymore.  I did score a five-foot-tall chimney from England.  It was shop-ready, and I’ve already found it a home amongst my other treasures. 

There’s another regular woman who tends to bid on the exact items my auction-going friend bids on.  And she always outbids my friend.  By like $5.  But my friend wasn’t there last night so, call me paranoid, I think she picked me as her target.  I thought she was gone, as I was happily winning a bid.  Suddenly, at the last moment, I was outbid and just happened to catch the reflection of the winning bidder in a mirror.  Guess who?  She’d already gotten up to pay, but just had to get in one more steal! Grrrr.  But all’s fair in love and bidding, right? 

I did manage to score some cool finds, but it took hours for my competitors to run out of money.  I ended up with nothing I intended to get, but all-in-all I’m happy with my haul.  Best find of the night by far was a Victorian dressing screen I won for a $10 bid.  Before I went to bed last night I sketched a new shop layout, I was so inspired by that silly screen.  I also got lucky on my bid for four watering cans.  If they had come up for bid earlier in the night, before the Round Top women left, I’m sure I would’ve been outbid.  When all was said and done, I had won bids on three mirrors, a dresser, a footstool, a vanity stool, two magazine racks (one’s already at the shop), two end tables with shelves and all the junk I’ve already mentioned.  I may have paid too much for the dresser, so I’m going to try to sell it on Craigslist.  Isn’t that pathetic?  I can probably get more for it there than at the shop.  If I take it to the shop, I’ll need to paint it.  It’s a beautiful oak piece, so I’m hoping to avoid having to paint it.  The mirror score made me giggle a bit, since I never bid on mirrors at auction.  Short story long, I left an early bid on mirrors once, and the auctioneer sold them to another bidder (after begging someone to please match the bid) for the same price which, you know, is unethical at best.  I know this because I ended up being able to go to the auction late.  I witnessed the entire fiasco;  caused a bit of a scene at the desk, I’m afraid; and haven’t left any bids since.  Oh, the hurt! 

So today I picked up what was left to be hauled from last night’s auction and purchased some shelves and a cute little cubby-bin thing from one of my favorite sources in town!  Those pieces are already hard at work at the shop. 

So here’s a little peek at what’s still at home:


nothing like my beautiful storeroom reflected in mirrors!

Here’s the dressing screen I can’t get over.


And one more photo before I go .  . . this little mosaic was done on a “wood” tray.  I just painted the tray white to bring out the colors in the tile.  Finished it today, but in the photo the painter’s tape is still attached.  It’s amazing what a little paint will do:


Tomorrow:  estate sales!!


One Response to “I hit pay dirt after 3 hours at auction!”

  1. Gail Kramer March 19, 2009 at 2:27 pm #

    Hi –

    I saw your comment on another blog and clicked on your link. I’m so glad I did because I really enjoyed your post on the auction. I’m addicted to auctions and go to a really fabulous one every Wednesday (three football fields + an indoor auction). But there’s always, always one lady that outbids me on everything. She has a shop and I just can’t compete with her budget I guess but it is so annoying!!!!

    I’ll definitely be back to your blog again!


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