I just want to close my eyes. I just want to fall asleep . . .

20 Mar

Guess you could say I’m the opposite of the Aerosmith song.  After two full days following the scent of junk, it’s time for a rest.  My haul today was amazing:  vintage fur (probably fake) with the most beautiful monogrammed lining, vintage black velvet coat with a gorgeous tatted collar, tiles for some necklaces, a few pieces of ephemera, a little mirror, a doll house loaded with furniture, a globe, a feather pillow, some of the cutest bev naps around (yes, I bought the entire collection — but they were cheap!), a chippy window screen, a window, and nine suitcases (No, it wasn’t the entire collection!  But . . .if they’d all looked like the ones I bought, it would’ve been!!).  I know there’s more, but my brain is fried.  I finished off the evening at a charity dinner and silent auction, where I won a family membership to our local art museum and a private birding tour for 10 people.  It’s been a fantastic two days.

The dinner my husband and I attended was a fundraiser for scholarships, but it also honored women who made a difference in our community.  The keynote speaker and the stories of all the recipients were inspiring, in a “yes, we can” kind of way, to the point that I think I may be about to expand my business.  At our local shop, a big booth is about to be vacated, and I’ve been considering taking over the space.  It would be a risk for me.  My rent would more than double and so would my workload of picking and painting.  But I really think it’s time for me to step up to the plate and eat some real rent.  If I really want to open my own shop in the future, this would certainly be a good way to test the waters.  But . . . things are slow right now for so many people.  I’m still meeting and mostly exceeding my personal sales goals, but I know it’s risky.  Still . . . a booth this big may not come along again for a while.  So tomorrow I’m inquiring, just to make sure it’s still available.  Keep your fingers crossed.  But for tonight, I’ll let the pictures below tell the rest of the junking story.






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