Saturday Night Live . . .

21 Mar

Seriously.  This blog is coming to you from the big messy middle of charm-making for a show that’s two weeks from tomorrow.  I’m putting all those Etsy images to good use.  They’re all so beautiful!  I send all my files to a UPS store right up the street from my house for high output printing.  Today, however, their email was full and only one person was working, so I’ll have to wait till Monday to see all the new beauties I purchased last night!  Here’s some eye candy for your pleasure:




Hopefully some of my customers will appreciate these works of art as much as I do!

Tomorrow is flea market day.  I’ll be up and at it early, armed with only a bottle of water and a load of cash.  This could be my last shopping adventure before Warrenton.  I get weepy just imagining a week without junking!  Ha.  Today I returned to a sale that was going 75% off and picked up a few goodies, including a musical powder box (another obsession), antique photos ($10 regular price marked to 50 cents today, by my calculations, even though I thought they’d be $2.50 each), an umbrella, a 1920s framed print of a Dutch girl, quite a few more gnomes and elves (mostly for a friend of mine . . . that’s my story ; ), a little bin/shelf thing in dire need of contact paper removal, and a couple of other smalls.   I’m back to being overstocked at this point!  Hope today was busy at the shop.  I didn’t get around to checking on the big space I’m envying, but tomorrow’s another day, right?!


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