I’ll be the finest lady in the Easter parade

12 Apr

It’s easy to make that claim when the SD card reader has bit the dust and there are no photographs to prove otherwise!  Our eggs are colored and ready for hiding.  Basket goodies need to be left on the table for the boys, but I need to wait until they’ve gone to bed.  Seems we’re all night owls tonight.  I’m lucky that my 12 year old wanted to color eggs this year.  We skipped last year because no one was really interested, and I was a bit sad.  Today my older son’s girlfriend joined us for the tradition.  We did things a little differently this year.  Instead of using the tablets — all that was left yesterday was Hannah Montana — we used plain old food coloring.  Well . . . it was NEON colors.  Since the kids are older, they were able to mix the colors they wanted.  We ended up heavy on sea tones, but I do think these are the brightest eggs we’ve ever done.  We had some rubberband stripes and some interesting designs drawn with the white crayon.  When all of the eggs were colored, we attempted for the first time to blow out a few for tea staining.  A couple that were man-handled ended up down the drain, but I did manage to successfully blow out four eggs, and my son’s girlfriend emptied the fifth one.  I added some vinegar to the boiling tea, and the stain turned out beautiful.  I’ve been painting a basket to use as a big “nest,” which I’ll fill with tulle, old tea-stained lace, a baby shoe and the eggs.  I think it’ll be great in the garden area I have planned when I expand my space May 1!  I may even blow out and stain some more eggs to go in the basket on an old bike that I plan to fill with shredded sheet music.  Projects, projects, projects!  Oh, how I love them.  Have a sweet Easter!



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