Rummage Haus Rules!

12 Apr

When you have a nose for junk, you can find it anywhere.  Remember the vintage typewriter shirt I found at a concert recently?  Well… here’s to more junk in all the wrong places!  A couple of weeks ago I went to an art show and came a cross this fantabulous exhibit:  Rummage Haus at Stella Haus.  The artist had pinned all kinds of junk, each piece with its own little story, to all the walls in her space.  I snapped these pictures:




just to give you an idea of what the installation was all about.  Totally cool!  It was an idea she borrowed from a fellow artist and adapted for herself.  So… now I’m considering “borrowing” the idea to tag all the junk I’ll be putting in my new space May 1.   My stories will be short and most will be made up, but some will be based either on true events or people I know.  I’ll probably confuse the heck out of my customers, but I think it’ll be fun and challenging to keep with it.  My new space is called “Salvage Sanctuary,” so I’m calling these tales “salvaged stories.”  The first story I’m working on will go with a flower frog display and will discuss the time-honored tradition from my childhood of catching tadpoles after a good rain.  Once it’s ready, I may post a sneak peek.  We’ll see.  So… to the Rummage Haus artist, whose name I can’t remember, props to you and yours.  If you get a chance to come see the junk I sell and how I turned your idea around, I’d welcome a visit.  Your junk was incredibly inspiring!

Here’s a link to more photos, and possibly a fuller story:


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