The Good, the bad and the ugly

20 Apr

It’s all good with junking…mostly.  My big junking days are Thursday, Friday and Sunday.  I take Saturday off, unless I have special plans or a junking emergency arises.  What constitutes a junking emergency?  Well… I sometimes return to an estate sale that’s really good for the 50% off bargains on the last day.  Sometimes a community garage sale is only held on Saturday, that kind of thing.  But I’m up early — for me — all week, so I enjoy a lazy morning most Saturdays.  This past Saturday was no exception.  I stayed in my PJs past noon, just dawdling around the house. 

I decided later in the afternoon to check in with the shop.  Mistake number 1.  Though the shop was quiet for a Saturday when I arrived, my space looked like it had been through a drug raid — hey, I’ve seen movies!  A clasp on a 100+ year-old photo album had been broken off and laid on the floor.  A ninety-year-old doll head had gone missing, but I later discovered it on the floor behind the shelf that was its home.  My sales were crap.  So I’m going to vent, here, just a bit.  I can’t for the life of me understand why everything must be man-handled.  I re-arranged my scrabble letters to read: Fragile.  Show care — though I have no reason to believe anyone will.  I’ve seen people pick up an antique book and handle it as if it were a paperback published a month ago.  Why can’t customers understand that it’s pret’ near a miracle that something made of paper is still around 100 years later?!  Treat it with kid gloves.  So my temper surged a bit Saturday.  I wanted to scoop up all my antique pretties and shelter them.  Bring them home.  I’ve always found those “you break, you buy” signs tacky, but I really wanted one Saturday.  But I know that the people who pay for things they break are just good people and would pay with or without a sign.  And a sign would cause nothing but a smirk from the slacker customers who don’t care.    Venting complete.  Thankyouverymuch. 

Mistake number 2 was a visit to a store in my neighborhood that I’d sworn off for good.  But I was enticed by the 50% off signs that had been posted for months.  I caved.  Apparently they’re not going out of business.  They’ve just changed their marketing strategy to doubling the price on everything so they can reduce it by half.  Unfortunately it’s still too high.  Plus, the place is crammed with all kinds of merch, so you seriously have to climb over things to get around.  If there was much good stuff there, you’d be lucky to see any of it.  I’m sure ADA and fire codes are being shattered at this place.  Needless to say, I left there empty-handed, once again vowing never to return. 

Mistake number 3:  My favorite mistake.  Goodwill on a Saturday.  I know better.  Crowds, crowds, crowds. But I needed to shop.  I did find some things… a cute pair of bookends, some wire mesh chandelier shades, a darling little picket fence shelf, a piece of Mexican pottery, an overpriced urn. 

So now that the bad and the ugly are out of the way, I want to focus on the good.  Sunday morning’s flea market was fun, as always.  I ran into all my favorite flea folks.  I found an awesome piece of tin that had been painted a beautiful yellow with some grey.  I took it straight to the shop to go with all the yellow pottery I have that’s not selling.  It’s a perfect complement.  I bought a pair of cast iron candlestick/urns and a big resin angel that will be wonderful once they’re painted.  I bought this great recycled tin and glass display piece that was missing a piece of glass.  By the time I got it to the car I’d broken another pane.  Good thing it was only $5.  Now I have to do some work on it to salvage it!!  I picked up a chenille spread that just needs to be washed and it will be ready to go on the bed display May 1 with all the chenille and quilted pillows I’ve been hording.  Found a piece of McCoy pottery for myself for $3, a couple of floral platters that need a good washing, and a phone shelf that had at one time been built into someone’s hallway.  It was a fun morning, to say the least.  But probably the biggest find of my day was on one of the only blogs I follow regularly, Dream in Cream — on my blogroll.  A while ago I’d purchased a store display bust — no head — that my friend Su said was almost pornographic.  I knew I needed to cover it somehow before it went to the shop May 1.  I’d considered painting it, had seen one done as a mosaic.  But it hadn’t even occurred to me to decoupage it!  Duh!  While mine will most certainly be different that the one featured on Dream in Cream, I was certainly inspired by what I saw.  I immediately thought of a book I’ve had for ages.  It’s from 1910 and is called The perfect Woman.  I’ve used bits of it here and there, but thought it would make a perfect cover for my perky female bust.  But after thumbing through it, I’ve decided to go with sheet music or something instead, because who wants to read about women’s health issues on a regular basis?  Yuck!  But… the picture below came from that book and will be the centerpiece to the entire project:


I needed inspiration, and it was right under my nose!  So now it’s project after project so I can be ready for the May 1 expansion.  I’m excited, but since I’m not a finisher, I’m a little nervous about what lies ahead.  Wish me luck!


2 Responses to “The Good, the bad and the ugly”

  1. Ann May 22, 2009 at 7:55 am #

    From the day I got into the business I have been experiencing the good the bad and the ugly. You are so right , people do not respect the goods! It makes me angry when I have spent good money on something that I treasure and a customer doesn’t treat it with respect. I have found many broken things. It also upsets me that I spend a great deal of effort to create a table scape and someone else messes with it.

    But regardless I love what I do and I do it for me.

    • junkology May 22, 2009 at 1:43 pm #

      Thanks for visiting and for your comment…I hear ya, sista! It’s hard to understand why someone can’t put something back where they found it, unless it was hard to reach, etc. And handling the delicate goods without care makes me cringe. Just yesterday I watched someone finger through my fragile art books. I took a peek later, and they were right back like I had them with the art brushed bundled on top. I couldn’t help smiling! On the other hand, most of my little leather library books’ covers are now loose from their binding. I have a theory that these careless people are also responsible for all those stray carts in grocery store parking lots…

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