Might as well face it, I’m addicted to…

24 May

…junk.  To be more specific, I’m addicted to ephemera.  Well…that and a lot of other things.  But I do have a paper problem.  When I confessed my addiction today to a woman who sold me 20+ strawberry pint labels from the 1930s, her response was, “at least it’s not heroin!”  Wow!  That really puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?  And that was exactly what I needed…a new way to look at things!  I’m adopting her rosy outlook when it comes to junk.  We talk a lot about junk, junkies, dealers — there must be a T-shirt idea in there somewhere — but hey…at least it’s not heroin!  So here’s a bit of paper I purchased today:


Isn’t he great?  Wonder if  he’d have the same appeal if he were multi-dimensional?  Guess we’ll never know.  His picture was filed as “man” on my computer.  So when the photo had finished uploading to this post, it read “100% man.”  Ha.  Like we didn’t know that already.

But, since my junking rarely involves mantiques, thought I’d share with you another manly item that I purchased a while ago:

man 001

Artist Kathryn Tilford created this looker…  Must say I fancy him more than his blazerless predecessor. 

I’m off to sort through and price ephemera,  and my brain cells will thank me in the morning!


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