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Checkered Past now has a FB page!

30 Jun

find_us_on_facebook_badge I just started a FB page for my Checkered Past space at Homestead.  So if you’d like to hook up on FB, I’m there.  I’m going to *try* to keep it updated with photos, sale info, etc. — updates that could be sent straight to your FB page, if you’re a fan.  We’ll see how it goes.  Just one more thing on my to-do list!  Have a fantastic rest of your Tuesday.


Fleeing and Flea-ing

29 Jun

I needed to escape this singed city over the weekend, so I headed north…to a place just as blistered and scorched as San Antonio — Fort Worth!  Even at 7:30 a.m. I was a sweat machine.  But the heat didn’t stop me from junking!  I met up with one of my bestest buds, and we headed over to the Red Shed in Grapevine for some French flea-ing.  I LOVED that shop and picked up quite a few goodies, including a couple of key rings from France and some delicious scones, muffins and cookies.  As you know, a full tummy is essential to successful junking.  And a bake sale at a market is one genius idea my Benjamins will always support. 

Our next stop was the cattle barn flea market in Ft. Worth.  And while we arrived by 9:30 a.m., we didn’t beat the heat.  Good grief.  Not too many lookers, but lots of great bargains.  I picked up a plant stand and some nesting tables, some French lithographs, old picture frames, McCoy pottery, an old display stand of some sort, a “think pink” wig display and many other goodies. 

A trip to the metroplex wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Mama’s Pizza.  We met my friend’s husband at the Arlington location, which used to be a Pizza Inn, I think.  Mama’s always stirs up college memories, as I gained my freshman 15 pigging out on their breadsticks and creamy Italian dressing.  There was an estate sale very close to Mama’s, so of course we stopped by. It was quite possibly the strangest estate sale I’ve ever seen.  There wasn’t a single thing that was old.  It didn’t look like there was anything purchased before the turn of THIS century!  In fact, the sellers had furnished their home simply by buying out, it would appear, a Cantoni store.  Lots of expensive modern furnishings and decor.  Not my thing. 

Our afternoon was split between stops at Golightly’s and LoneStar Antiques.  And we had an opportunity to watch someone try desperately to stuff a piece of furniture into a small car, exchanging not a word with them, but sharing an “I feel your pain” meeting of the eyes.  Braum’s quenched our thirsts with fresh-squeezed Limeade.  Yum.  We also visited a vintage record store on Montgomery in Ft. Worth.  They’d relocated just two weeks prior from their previous Hurst location.  I picked up some vintage tees for my sons and really enjoyed their A/C.  In fact, I think I may have judged my junking stops this weekend more on cool air than cool junk. 

Sunday I was back in San Antonio, where I hit my usual flea market.  I lasted until 10 a.m.  Then I headed into my air conditioned minivan for some relief before sweating it out again, hauling my finds into the shop.  We’ve had a great June, despite being hotter than the gates of  Hell.  And even though there’s no heat relief in sight, the junking must continue.  I’m already looking forward to stalking that unnamed-shop-that-won’t-open on Wednesday.  Maybe I’ll get lucky…

Snap! Shop shots…

19 Jun

Please let me introduce the newest member of the family…Pink Lady by day…but it’s anyone’s guess what she does once the lights go down at Homestead:

snap! 006

Another light touch of pink on this beautiful fainting sofa:

snap! 009

I just realized that I DO have a place for the sofa at home if it doesn’t sell…all it would take is a simple re-arrangement of furniture…hmmm.  Okay…here’s another shot:

snap! 011

I adore the fabric.  Maybe it needs to come home with me NOW!

A party’s never complete without a lampshade:

snap! 004

When inverted, this lampshade comes in handy as a pillow corral.

A while ago, I purchased a couple of beds at auction.  Silly me.  They wouldn’t fit in the minivan, so I had no way to get them home.  Well…one of the kind auction dudes delivered them to me yesterday, and I thought I’d found a real treasure.  One of the beds was painted a fairly bright blue, but underneath the paint I thought I could see a stencil design.  I decided to explore, kind of like my kids used to do with those pieces of plaster.  They’d chisel away until they unearthed a buried “fossil.”  Here’s where it all began:

snap! 002

I knew the bed had survived at least a century, but I had no idea how many coats of paint covered its pine surface.  As I chipped away with my handy razor blade, I got excited when I saw the word “Anno” and the number 19.  1919, perhaps?  I was a bit suspicious of the bright paint colors, with good reason as it turned out:

snap! 003

I’m guessing that 1965 was KKS’s year of birth.  So she probably got this big girl bed sometime in the 1970s…I think the style and paint colors support this theory.  And now that the mystery has been solved, I’m thinking I’ll just paint the whole thing cream and forget about it.  We’ll see.

Now for a couple of blurry shop shots, including this one of a beautiful silverplate set:

snap! 012

And my ever-present, yet always changing, stack ‘o suitcases, topped right now with an old megaphone:

snap! 013

It is June, you know:

snap! 007

Will you marry me, Bill?

snap! 008

I’ve got the wedding bell blues….

Crime doesn’t pay…or does it?

15 Jun

Do you, by any chance, happen to remember this girl, dressed for a winter’s day, even though it’s 100 degrees outside?


scary doll 004

The good news?  She sold Saturday!  And I’d be hip, hip, hooraying if Hagetha the Horrible hadn’t pulled a fast one on this purchase.  If you’ll notice, my scary baby’s wearing a fur hat.  The hat was NOT included in the $45 price of the doll.  This was clearly stated on the doll’s price tag, which was tied to the doll’s ankle.  In addition, a $26 price tag was pinned to the hat.

Hag the Horrible removed the price tag from the hat then removed the price tag from the doll.  Practiced as she was, Hag then asked one of the women working in the shop for help in deciding whether she should purchase said doll.  “Is the hat included with the doll?” she asked.  Since there was no tag on the hat, Hag was told that yes, it must go with the doll.

At the counter, Hag handed over the doll’s price tag.  But…there was no price on the tag.  Then the women working at the shop discovered the price part of the tag laying on the table under the doll.  They rang up the purchase.  Hag paid with cash, naturally, and walked out, stolen hat and doll. 

See…this is what she did:  She removed the price tag from the hat.  She removed the price tag which clearly stated, “Hat not included,” from the doll.  She ripped the doll’s price tag apart, apparently pocketing the “hat not included” piece.  I know this because all the tags are saved at the shop.  I saw the mangled tag. I could barely make out the bottom of the letters from the word “included” on the top part of the ripped tag. 

So the Hag is a thief.  Trust me.  This was no simple misunderstanding.  This was practiced shoplifting. (I’ve spared you all the diversion tactics she employed.) What I can’t understand is why she paid $45 just to steal a $26 item.  Did she pocket some other smalls as well?  Was she so desperate to pay $45 instead of $71 that she was overcome with temporary insanity?  It’s pathetic, actually.  It’s junk, for crying out loud.  Good junk, maybe, but junk nonetheless.  I can’t get my head around it.  I’ve checked ebay and c-list just to see if she’s trying to sell the hat or the doll/hat combo.  Beyond that I don’t know what I can do.  They say thieves return to the scene of the crime.  I hope so.  And I hope I’m there when she returns, so I can open up my Texas-sized can of whoop-ass.

Shop Stalking

13 Jun

I can’t help myself.  I peeked in the windows Wednesday.  I know what goodies are being held captive inside.  I want to rescue them.  I want to rescue them NOW.  Therefore, I’ve become … Shop Stalker. 

So I used to buy junk — serious junk — from this woman.  Suddenly she disappears, cutting me off cold turkey without an explanation. Then I hear she’s opening her own shop.  I could feel my heart revving.  Then I find out she’s selling already, but she’s only there in the evenings… random evenings.  Well…I’mnever there in the evenings and can’t even come up with a decent excuse to BE there in the evenings.  So, today, I have an excuse to “just drop by.”  I had taken my son over to a friend’s house in the same general — okay, within 5 miles — area.  So I just happened to be in the neighborhood.  I dropped by the woman’s old shop.  “Just have some linens for you to see,”  I told the shop owner, who I knew would salivate at the sight of my tub o’ goodies.  She makes pillows from old linens and had told me recently she’s in desperate need.  “So, hey, is the new shop open today?” I ask so very casually, only to discover I had missed the mystery woman by half an hour.  Bummer.  Once again I find myself baking in the 100-degree oven just to get a glimpse of the locked-up goods, completely in love with every single piece of junk I could see through the security bars.  Lots of wrought iron.  Lots of broken statues.  A beautiful bed.  An old, old cabinet with a barely-recognizable mirror.   

Luckily, my shop owner friend still has the mystery woman’s phone numbers, and she calls to find out if the new shop will be open again later in the day.  Unluckily, the new shop — unnamed as far as I can tell — won’t be “officially” opening ’til next Saturday.  Say it isn’t so!  Alas, I must wait an entire week to free all those fabulous finds calling to me from behind those burglar bars.  I’ll “just drop by” next week, however, on Wednesday or Thursday.  Take only a quick peek and maybe snap a picture, if at all possible, before gathering my linen leftovers from my shop owner friend and driving home an empty-handed and broken-hearted woman. 

But Saturday will be a different story.  That junk will be mine.  Oh, yes…it will be mine.

All I can say is WOW

9 Jun

I saw this post on C-List and knew immediately that EVERYONE needed to see it.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it before.  I’ve seen bad pictures.  I’ve seen chester drawers and rod iron and dinning table and mirrow, but never have I seen an ad like this:

I have this 2 awesome couches in perfect conditions for sale. I’m asking 100.00, but 70.00 is my last price. Must sale before 7:30 am Thursday. I also have a nice matriss with a coffee stain in perfect conditions(see photo), and I also have a 25 years old antique chester droors , but its not as awesome as this furnitures. These won’t last long.

Update – somebody stoled the red couch. But the good news is I am also selling some woody mirrows and armiores and a ettascatere! (that’s a shelf) This are bargins too.



I kid you not…that was it…in all its glory!

Tall Man Scavenger Hunt: You’re invited to play along!!

3 Jun

One of my Facebook friends went on a tall man scavenger hunt recently, which looked like a fun, harmless game to play while on a pub crawl.  They took tons of pictures with random tall men.  The idea cracked me up…so…I’m inviting you, dear friend, to participate in a junkified man scavenger hunt.  I don’t care if he’s tall…just post on your blog a man-related photo and leave me a comment or somehow link to me so I can find it.  I’ll award one of my turn-of-the-century art drawing books to the most creative post.  It is June, you know…Father’s Day and whatnot…so the timing is appropriate, methinks.  Simply post your pics on or before June 7 to be considered for this most excellent prize:

a shop 003

  Here’s my photo, in keeping with the art theme:

naked art man2

Yowza!  If art models looked like that when I was in school, I’d have taken more art classes!!  This photo belongs to a friend of mine, and she was kind enough to share it with me.  I thought he’d be perfect to kick off the junkified man scavenger hunt! 

Let the hunt begin!  Have fun…hope you’ll play… now go find you a man!!