The Lloyd Dobler of Lighting

1 Jun

It seemed like any other morning at the flea market, except that I arrived about an hour earlier than usual, fully expecting to drop all my cash on ephemera.  I rushed to see what trouble I could get into, only to find out that the ephemera bonanza is slated for next week…oh, well…plenty of other junk to buy, right?  I began making my pile, which included this really cute child’s piano.  After carting a few things to the minivan, I returned to claim the piano I’d purchased earlier, only to find out that another woman really wanted it.  Scratch that.  REALLY wanted it.  But for the price I’d paid.  Okay.  My business head told me to take the piano to the shop and put a good price on it.  My heart said otherwise, so I ended up giving it to the woman who’d eyed it for herself and netting $10 and a nice hug in the process.  My hope was that good karma would come my way, which is always my hope when I do something I think is nice.  I did buy a few other things at the flea market, including a couple of clip-on ruffly lamp shades that I thought might work on some lamps I purchased last week.

So… after I made a drop at the shop, I went home to spend some quality time with the boys.  Here comes the first bit of karmic news:  I had a phone call from the shop that I’d had a big day.  I’d sold lots, including the pair of lamps I gushed about in my last post.  So, okay, I could replace those lamps with the lamps I bought last week, paired with the shades I’d purchased this morning:

lloyd 004

Only problem was…one of the lamps needed a new socket.  So after taking my son to a movie, I decided to drop by the home improvement store with which I have a love-hate relationship.  My younger son used to love to go there with me because ORANGE was his favorite color.  Now I feel trapped by the place, because the local hardware store went out of business, and this establishment is practically in my backyard.  Anyway…I’m looking for a socket.  Enter center stage — the Lloyd Dobler of Lighting.  Quite possibly the nicest, most decent man on the face of this planet.  His first mistake was to ask me if I needed help.  And — just for the record — I was not looking or smelling my best since I still retained that just-jumped-out-of-bed-and-headed-to-the-flea-market, vintage smell. But he was nice to me.  Made me feel like 100 bucks.  He directed me to the correct socket, which was not the one I chose on my own.  Then he patiently answered all my questions as best he could before directing me to follow him around the corner to a work table where he proceeded to fix my lamp for me!  I mean really.  This is the store where everyone seems to disappear as soon as I need assistance.  K.A.R.M.A. 

It was a big job, much more than a simple socket was required.  He worked patiently for almost two hours in that “I’m Lloyd Dobler” way that only can be appreciated by Say Anything fans.  If I’d tried to fix that lamp at home, I would’ve been in tears and the lamp would’ve been in the garbage.  But Lloyd, whose name is Clint Walker in real life, worked diligently without a single slip of profanity.  I’ve never witnessed anyone, myself included, remain so calm under such annoying repair circumstances.  I think I’m in love.

I KNOW I’m in love with the new switch he installed:

lloyd 003

I know…beautiful, right?!  AND functional!!

We parted with a quick hug and lots of thank yous on my part.  It wasn’t until later that I remembered the piano incident this morning and wondered if this was my karmic payback.  Or pay forward.  Whichever.  All I know is sometimes it’s about more than just making a buck.


2 Responses to “The Lloyd Dobler of Lighting”

  1. sue June 1, 2009 at 9:51 am #

    Karmac payback always worked. And I find the dudes (particularly the older ones) at HD particularly helpful. Be sure and write a quick note to the manager about how helpful he was (maybe not the 2 hours part)…..

    • junkology June 1, 2009 at 12:50 pm #

      I can’t say enough nice things about this angel of light. He had kind eyes and a Kevin Cline-ish smile…and I may have to visit him again because…today the newly worked lamp’s mate stopped working. This one I can fix myself…I think. So much for good karma. I’m completing an on-line survey about Clint’s helpfulness. You know, it was interesting to see things from an employee’s viewpoint. They get some really strange questions and requests, my lamp mess among them, I guess. I don’t have the patience for customer service.

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