Shop Stalking

13 Jun

I can’t help myself.  I peeked in the windows Wednesday.  I know what goodies are being held captive inside.  I want to rescue them.  I want to rescue them NOW.  Therefore, I’ve become … Shop Stalker. 

So I used to buy junk — serious junk — from this woman.  Suddenly she disappears, cutting me off cold turkey without an explanation. Then I hear she’s opening her own shop.  I could feel my heart revving.  Then I find out she’s selling already, but she’s only there in the evenings… random evenings.  Well…I’mnever there in the evenings and can’t even come up with a decent excuse to BE there in the evenings.  So, today, I have an excuse to “just drop by.”  I had taken my son over to a friend’s house in the same general — okay, within 5 miles — area.  So I just happened to be in the neighborhood.  I dropped by the woman’s old shop.  “Just have some linens for you to see,”  I told the shop owner, who I knew would salivate at the sight of my tub o’ goodies.  She makes pillows from old linens and had told me recently she’s in desperate need.  “So, hey, is the new shop open today?” I ask so very casually, only to discover I had missed the mystery woman by half an hour.  Bummer.  Once again I find myself baking in the 100-degree oven just to get a glimpse of the locked-up goods, completely in love with every single piece of junk I could see through the security bars.  Lots of wrought iron.  Lots of broken statues.  A beautiful bed.  An old, old cabinet with a barely-recognizable mirror.   

Luckily, my shop owner friend still has the mystery woman’s phone numbers, and she calls to find out if the new shop will be open again later in the day.  Unluckily, the new shop — unnamed as far as I can tell — won’t be “officially” opening ’til next Saturday.  Say it isn’t so!  Alas, I must wait an entire week to free all those fabulous finds calling to me from behind those burglar bars.  I’ll “just drop by” next week, however, on Wednesday or Thursday.  Take only a quick peek and maybe snap a picture, if at all possible, before gathering my linen leftovers from my shop owner friend and driving home an empty-handed and broken-hearted woman. 

But Saturday will be a different story.  That junk will be mine.  Oh, yes…it will be mine.


4 Responses to “Shop Stalking”

  1. Su June 14, 2009 at 10:01 pm #

    This is tooooooooooo funny–I believe you have truly lost your sanity….THIS TIME!!!

    • junkology June 15, 2009 at 1:27 pm #

      Su…I was seriously salivating…you would do the same thing, so don’t EVEN go there. ; )

  2. Carol Casey June 15, 2009 at 12:22 pm #

    Okay, so where is this treasure place, and if it is in San Antonio, how come I am so out of the loop?



    • junkology June 15, 2009 at 1:39 pm #

      It is in San Antonio. Blanco/Hildebrand (t?) area. Where Casbeers used to be before it moved to the church. Don’t feel out of the loop, since you now know about it, and it hasn’t even opened!! You’re one of the few, I’m sure. It doesn’t even have a name yet, I don’t think… It’s rough stuff, if you know what I mean, nothing fine … just the way I like it!

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