Snap! Shop shots…

19 Jun

Please let me introduce the newest member of the family…Pink Lady by day…but it’s anyone’s guess what she does once the lights go down at Homestead:

snap! 006

Another light touch of pink on this beautiful fainting sofa:

snap! 009

I just realized that I DO have a place for the sofa at home if it doesn’t sell…all it would take is a simple re-arrangement of furniture…hmmm.  Okay…here’s another shot:

snap! 011

I adore the fabric.  Maybe it needs to come home with me NOW!

A party’s never complete without a lampshade:

snap! 004

When inverted, this lampshade comes in handy as a pillow corral.

A while ago, I purchased a couple of beds at auction.  Silly me.  They wouldn’t fit in the minivan, so I had no way to get them home.  Well…one of the kind auction dudes delivered them to me yesterday, and I thought I’d found a real treasure.  One of the beds was painted a fairly bright blue, but underneath the paint I thought I could see a stencil design.  I decided to explore, kind of like my kids used to do with those pieces of plaster.  They’d chisel away until they unearthed a buried “fossil.”  Here’s where it all began:

snap! 002

I knew the bed had survived at least a century, but I had no idea how many coats of paint covered its pine surface.  As I chipped away with my handy razor blade, I got excited when I saw the word “Anno” and the number 19.  1919, perhaps?  I was a bit suspicious of the bright paint colors, with good reason as it turned out:

snap! 003

I’m guessing that 1965 was KKS’s year of birth.  So she probably got this big girl bed sometime in the 1970s…I think the style and paint colors support this theory.  And now that the mystery has been solved, I’m thinking I’ll just paint the whole thing cream and forget about it.  We’ll see.

Now for a couple of blurry shop shots, including this one of a beautiful silverplate set:

snap! 012

And my ever-present, yet always changing, stack ‘o suitcases, topped right now with an old megaphone:

snap! 013

It is June, you know:

snap! 007

Will you marry me, Bill?

snap! 008

I’ve got the wedding bell blues….


2 Responses to “Snap! Shop shots…”

  1. Mindy June 19, 2009 at 8:14 am #

    All that work on the bed…Bummer! Your space looks wonderful! That last dress is beautiful. ~Mindy

    • junkology June 19, 2009 at 4:01 pm #

      I didn’t really mind the work on the bed…though it would’ve been really something if it had been some early stencil work. Thanks for visiting and for your kind words! — Kristi

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