All my bags aren’t packed, but I’m ready to go…

11 Jul

My blog posts have dwindled to zip.  My face glows non-stop.  My kids’ brains have rotted from Harry Potter computer games. Death is everywhere, including my yard.  Someone spotted a chupacabra in the ‘hood …must be summer in Texas!!! Can I hear a Yee-haw?!!


But…my shop spaces are fully stocked, the laundry is almost done (and it’s not even midnight), and mid-day tomorrow we head for Texas’ only mile-high “city.”  We’re going to do some caving while we’re gone, swim in a cool spring-fed pool, see the newest Harry Potter flick at a really old theatre with really bad sound, and see (hopefully) the Marfa mystery lights and too many stars (in the night sky)  to imagine.  I can’t WAIT!  Mostly I’m ready to relax on the deck in my hammock under some of the darkest skies around, sans pesky mosquitoes and blistering heat.  The mountain air is rumored to have healing and restorative powers, especially for tired women.  Please let it be so…


One Response to “All my bags aren’t packed, but I’m ready to go…”

  1. Mindy July 14, 2009 at 3:14 pm #

    Enjoy! ~Mindy

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