For the Llove of Llano, Part I

28 Jul

As I’ve mentioned, I have shop space in San Antonio, where I live, but also in a lland far, far away — 104 miles to be exact.  The shop is called Whimseys, and it’s llocated in Llano, Texas. (That’s the end of the excessive double Ls, I promise.)  I made a trip there today to pick up a cabinet for Homestead in San Antonio and drop off a few items, including some really funky chairs.  And guess what?  I TOOK MY CAMERA!  So grab a drink, sit back, and enjoy your guided tour of Whimseys.

Let’s start with the business card, designed by Avalon Mackenzie of Create and A Rosy Outlook (Llano):

llano shopsThe back of the card has all the info, and is just as cute, but I only scanned the front!  The shop is at 305 Bessemer.

You can’t miss it:

llano shops 057

Let the games begin!

llano shops 017

Wall behind the counter with bike suspended from the ceiling…it’s a fun and funky place.

For all you lovers of white, so I won’t lose you straight away:

llano shops 019

Today was a big re-do day, so I was hard-pressed to find put-together displays.  And I can almost guarantee that most of what I did capture was rearranged later in the day! Most of the pictures are from the Queens of Funk and Junk space, though I did snap a couple in our space, including the one below:

llano shops 007

The bottle barely visible in the picture above sold today.  I think Stephanie from Georgetown’s Gatherings may have purchased it, as I heard tale that she was making the rounds in Llano today.  (As I was in a VERY vintage state, I wasn’t meeting anyone.)

Another one of the girls in our space:

llano shops 001

My silly little charms:

llano shops 027

More from the Queens of Funk and Junk:

llano shops 016

llano shops 029

llano shops 030

llano shops 024

llano shops 026

llano shops 010

llano shops 021

llano shops 012

llano shops 020

And that’s just a start… In my next post, I’ll take you next door to visit another great shop!  I can’t wait?  Can you?  I have met some really fabulous women through this blog, and I’d love to hear from all of you!  Feel free to give me a holler if you’re out there and let me know what you think!


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