Witchful Thinking

6 Sep

Halloween has arrived … well… at the shop and in portions of my house where crafting has taken root.  And every year it’s the same question from my husband:  “Why do we have a (insert Halloween item) in our (insert room of house) when it’s only (enter a date between August 1 and September 30)?  I understand his pain, but he doesn’t understand that Halloween’s in full swing in my head, and that the window of opportunity for Halloween sales will begin closing in just a couple of weeks!  Whew.  Maybe that’s what the lovely lady pictured below is thinking about.  Maybe she’s designing more Halloween charms.  Maybe she has some candle ideas.  Maybe she’s casting a spell on the person who lifted without paying a Ouija Board and a planchette!
witchy woman

Now, if I were to steal something, it wouldn’t be a Ouija Board.  It would be food for my starving baby.  And since I don’t have a starving baby, I really don’t see a need to steal ANYTHING.  Maybe the Ouija wasn’t stolen at all.  Maybe it disappeared itself through a portal it created to another universe.  My husband — this will be the last time he’s mentioned today, I promise — says surely a portal to another universe would be more complex than a cardboard children’s game, regardless of what my friend Karen thinks.  So … I guess I’ll go with the theory that the Ouija was lifted.  As was the planchette.  I’m not seeing good vibes for the thief.  Only bad can come from such a thing.  But … even though we’ve had a small theft, Ouija board sales now are up 300%!

My friend Sari Jane, who happens to be a vendor at Homestead with space across from one of my spaces, has caught the Halloween spirit (no pun intended), too.  Here’s one of her creations:

first day school 09 004

Technically, it’s a hat.  But in my house, it’s a table centerpiece.  Or at least it will be.  After October 1.  I have a bit of an obsession with steampunk, so I was highly attracted to the watch parts.  But I must say I dig the beaded dreads, too.  Here’s another shot of the hat:

first day school 09 007

Sari Jane’s a jewelry maker.  She makes some lovely pieces using glass, crystal and semi-precious stones.  She told me last week that she plans to start a steampunk line, so I’m tingling with excitement.  I’m determined to be her best customer, and I’ve yet to see a single piece.  That’s just how excited I am.

Here are some more Halloween goodies available at Homestead:

halloween shop 001

Candles, scary bottles, Witch art…are you shaking in your boots? 

halloween shop 003

Surely someone will see the humor in those shutters this year.

halloween shop 002

The Ouija Board that was stolen was the same model as the one above, I do believe. The mortuary vase has already sold — not to be confused with stolen.

halloween shop 004

This week I’m hoping to get more Halloween charms done.  I also need to finish a couple of tombstones and cart some Halloween stuff to my far-away space in Llano, since I’ll be starting Christmas preparations before you can say “boo!”


3 Responses to “Witchful Thinking”

  1. Mindy September 11, 2009 at 9:18 pm #

    But, I love the mortuary vase! ~Mindy

  2. Kelly September 12, 2009 at 1:23 am #

    Isn’t it just great when people steal your stuff! I always wonder how they can look at it in their home after they have stolen it. Doesn’t it make them feel weird to display a stolen item in their home or give it as a gift??!! Haven’t been to Homestead in a while, hope to get their tommorow.

    • junkology September 12, 2009 at 12:31 pm #

      I have a feeling it may have been kids this time! I was in your shop a couple of weeks ago…fabulous as always!

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