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It’s like rain…on your wedding day.

30 Jan

Rain on your wedding day may be unlucky.  It may suck.  But it isn’t really ironic. And that line from that song has always bothered me.  Trust me. I’ve been pondering irony as of late, since I’ve been spending the better part of my days turning brown things white and white things brown.  That, my friend, is irony.  And when you work up a sweat putting on that third coat of paint just so you can sand it off…yes, irony again.

As for brown things turning white:

And white things turning brown:

No, that’s not another one of my scary boiled dinners.  Those are baby dresses being tea-stained.

I’ve been slowly restocking shop space.  Tomorrow I’ll put a camera to it and post some pictures.  Oh, and an update to my last post…the C-List lounge chair?  Finally heard from the sellers.  Bought that baby. Took that baby to the shop.  Sold it a few days later.  But I can tell I’m still out of practice.  I missed a fantastic wire-mesh and iron 3-seater at the flea market last weekend.  Someone bought it for $50 after I walked right past it (still loaded in the vendor’s truck).  THEN…I saw it on C-List for $175!   Talk about bad luck…with maybe a bit of irony mixed in for fun…


Of stockings, studs and swastikas

6 Jan

Not sure why I waited so long, but I finally got a stud finder.  It can’t find deep studs but, seriously, ask yourself… should studs be deep?  I think not.  Located two studs a couple of nights ago.  Well…maybe just one.  The reading on the other wasn’t strong enough to determine if it was actually a stud.  I could go on and on, but then this blog would get all kinds of strange hits.  So I’ll stop with the stud talk already.  The studs were necessary for mounting (see, here we go again… it’s just too easy) a movie screen.  I finally tired of having to do a 180 with the couch every time we wanted to watch a movie on the big screen.  We have Flor carpet squares in that room, and they’ve taken a beating.  But what to do?  The TV is at one end of the room.  The fireplace is on the opposite wall (as was the pull-down screen).  So… where do you put the couch?  I did have it perpendicular to each, but my husband complained of neck aches when he watched TV.  My biggest problem is wanting every room in my house to be staged.  And it’s hard to stage a room that’s also home to a trap set, pinball machine and air hockey table.  It could be a cute room…if I were single.  But… my family thinks “cute” isn’t near as important as comfortable.  So the couch  now faces the TV (we don’t use the fireplace anyway) and in a move to save the carpet from ruin, the screen has been remounted above the TV.  Why am I telling you this?  I don’t know.  It’s just one of those random posts because I haven’t made any junk progress this week.

I did find a sweet chaise lounge…

if only the sellers will call me back to set up a pickup time. 

Other than that, I’ve avoided painting a coffee table, scoured a CB2 catalog:

 …and decided to take apart an old bike to upcycle the wheels and basket. 

But keep in mind all this was on top of catching up on all that laundry that accumulated over Christmas break, packing away Christmas, and getting the tree out to the curb for recycling.  Those are important things, too, right? Oh, yeah… I also emptied my email inbox, which had accumulated 2200 messages.  And I’ve started cleaning out my closet.  There was so much stored on the floor of my closet that I could no longer step inside.  Who else has altar candles in their closet, waiting to be altered?  What about a lampshade?  What about bags upon bags of receipts from Easters and Christmases past that are waiting for the shredder?  My closet was so bad that I could hardly pair up my shoes.  I had about 4 pair in rotation, because the mates of the others had drowned in all the junk.

And since we’re on the topic of Christmas (okay… Christmas was mentioned, I just know it) …My husband and I have had these great quilted stockings for as long as I can remember:

I bought them in Dallas at a craft show from an elderly woman for $6 apiece.  We hang them every year.  I love them because they are HUGE, and I enjoy filling stockings with really cool gifts.  Our stockings match.  The fabric is a bit different on each.  My husband’s contains more blue hues, mine more pink — that way we can remember which is which.  So imagine my surprise when I was looking at my stocking while brushing my teeth Christmas Day.  We were in the mountains, sharing 1.5 bathrooms with 10 people. So I was brushing my teeth in the bedroom where I’d left my empty stocking on the dresser.  One of the fabric swatches caught my attention. 

Seems it’s covered with tiny little swastikas.  I checked my husband’s stocking … swastika free.  Only mine bears the symbol.  Hmmmm.  I’m pretty sure the grandma that sold it to me wasn’t Nazi material.  And speaking of material, it could very well be feedsack.  I realize that symbol has other meanings, so I’m not that bothered by it, quite honestly.  What is amazing to me is that it took me 20 years to notice the fine print.  What else haven’t I noticed over the past 20 years?  Do I have dirt behind my ears?  Are my eyes really brown instead of blue?  Maybe I just thought I was wearing matching shoes … no wonder people always smile and nod at me.  All along I thought it was because I have such a familiar face…

Enjoy the winter blast, my friends!  Junk on…

Just like starting over…

4 Jan

Do I remember how to blog?  *makes blowing sound and taps three times.* Is this thing on?  I haven’t blogged since returning from Warrenton.  I haven’t even logged on.  My life kinda fell into the crapper during the last quarter of this year…not that I’m making any excuses.  So …imagine my surprise to see that people are still miraculously looking at this neglected piece of blah blah blah.  The only thing I can think of is that they’re coming from the blogs of all you wonderful junkers out in blogland who have been kind enough not to kick my virtual booty right off your blog roll.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  This blog address is also listed on my business card, so I can’t let it die. 

Luckily…the coma is over.  The blog is back on its feet and this new year should be exploding with junk!  Meanwhile, my shop has suffered over the past couple of months as well.  I’ve kept *SHOCK, HORROR, GASP!* layaway merch in my booth for the ENTIRE two months of layaway!  Why?  Because I have nothing to put in its place!  So starting tomorrow, I’m getting my tail end in gear and keeping you updated on the process.  I have painting to do.  I have pricing to do.  And still … there’s the dirty house, the rented movies to return, lunch with my husband, kids to cart around the city.  But I can do it all!!  I’m embracing a can-do attitude for 2010!!  So virtual hugs to all of you for not writing me off completely.  I hope your year is spectacular. May junk rain down on you wherever you go.

I’m leaving you with a shot of my husband’s Christmas ornament.  We have a tradition of exchanging ornaments each year at Christmas.  I try to get something that speaks to an event during the year.  Hallmark apparently didn’t have the same type of experiences we had this year.  So…break out the junk…Presto-Chango: My husband’s love of time-keeping devices and our 20th official *cough,cough* Christmas together resulted in this one-of-a-kind ornament:

Hope your holidays were smashing and that we can share a junkalicious 2010 together.  Come see me sometime!