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Is a picture worth a thousand words?

2 Feb

If my head were veal, which I know it is not, how much would it be worth?  Oh, never mind…here are some more shop shots.  And at last count these pictures were worth roughly 465 words.

I’ve had the framed handsome man forever … and at such a low price, you could toss him and keep just the frame.

That tape measure from England is 40 feet long.  Su suggested that I price it a dollar per foot, but it’s much cheaper.

My colorful side…Today I watched in dismay as a customer dismantled this entire display then walked away empty-handed, leaving everything in her wake in disarray.  Luckily I was still around to pretty it up again.

The art I used on that particular altar candle is from Hudson’s Holidays.  Lots of great digital collage sheets to choose from.

The bookshelf under that houndstooth case sold yesterday.  It was one of the reasons I ran around picking up furniture today and did a quick little altering of the space.  But it was actually fine that the bookshelf sold.  It was virtually empty.  That’s how low I am on smalls right now.  The houndstooth case is from a tailor in Hong Kong.  The story I was told is that tailors shipped their alterations to customers in these cases.  Don’t know if it’s true.  But I’d be happy to accept a delivery of just about anything if it were in such a cute case.

Another one of my girls…I’m sure she’s lonely, since her twin was adopted well before Christmas.

Another bit of color… This display makes me happy.  And ready for spring.

Stuff I’ve had for a while, just rearranged.

It’s Texas.  And soon we’ll be out on our porches…

So today while I was out rounding up some furniture (a story I’ll save for my next blog), I went in one of my not-so-favorite stores.  I don’t like it because it bores me.  I need eye candy.  There may be some really cool stuff there, but I can’t see it because of all the craptastic displays.  Seriously.  I left with a songbook (more irony…buying things that aren’t selling right now), a couple of other books and a travel clock.  I found an awesome chunky frame, but it wasn’t for sale … another one of my pet peeves.  Surely everything has a price.  And if it doesn’t, shouldn’t you just keep it at home?  I picked up a pair of retro sunglasses at the same shop … NFS…WTF?  I do understand why people who deal only in smalls mark their display pieces NFS, but sunglasses?  A frame?  I give up.  And from the looks of things…so should they.  Now that I’ve been so tacky, my good Karma will probably come to a screeching halt.  Oh, well.  I’ll take my chances.


My pretties…

1 Feb

Finally snapped some photos of my space at Homestead.  The re-do was a long time coming.  Right now there’s only one layaway piece still in my space.  And I really need to purchase more smalls to fill it completely, but it’s on the road to recovery …

Ironically, this piece isn’t in the shop yet!  But…it is a perfect example of irony.  I keep lots of white stuff in the shop, so I thought it only fitting to bring in a brown thing that says “White.”  It’s a White sewing machine cover.  The rubber band’s around it because I had to do some repair work.  It’s in shabby condition, but it’s one of those things I’m drawn to for reasons even I don’t understand.  Bought this baby in Warrenton…LAST spring.  That’s how long I’ve been sitting on it.  Time for it to go to the shop.  Bye-bye, my pretty.

This is, perhaps, my favorite corner of my universe.  I could just sit and stare at it.  I want to move in.  If I had a bed or even a comfy chaise, I might never leave.

Another shot of my comfy corner.  “Feels like home.  I should’ve known from my first breath.” — Martin L. Gore (not talking about my space, of course…)

The curious thing about this photo is why haven’t the old song books sold?  Usually any kind of songbook flies out of the shop. The ones on top of the piano have been in the shop for a few weeks which  leads me to believe some of my regular customers haven’t been in for a while…

Antique baby buggy…old wicker, great wheels … floating on a fluffy petticoat. 

This little desk is another piece I held onto for a little longer — try two years — than I should have.  It’s beautiful.  And it has a place in my living room if it doesn’t sell…even though my living room is mid-century modern.  Go figure.

Ah-ha! Irony at it’s finest:  A baby dress that wasn’t originally brown hanging inside a frame that was originally brown.  What can I say?  If I had a baby girl, framed tea-stained baby clothes would cover the walls in her nursery.

Another C-List purchase.  This one, thankfully, was already white.  It’s petite with aqua paint peeking through in places.

Lovely old etched mirror, thread bundles, zippers…

I’m stopping before I completely wear out my welcome.  It’s all drippy and dreary outside today.  Maybe I should run to the shop for a bit just to gaze at my warm, comfy corner.  May the sun shine down on us soon!  And if you’re painting brown things white, my your paint dry quickly!!