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Playing catch-up after a weekend filled with junk

26 Apr

So here I am, a month out since my last post, catching up on housework after a weekend of domestic neglect.  So I fold some clothes, catch up on Facebook.  Clean the toilet, catch up on Twitter.  And now three loads of clothes, a clean toilet and a vacuumed rug later, here I am blogging.  I’ll skip the month of excuses and offer you this peace-keeping gift if you’ll, in return, forgive my blogland neglect:

Simply visit for details on how I am going to be their special guest the first weekend in June.  Okay.  You can enter, too.  Just know that when they say, “I hope YOU can be my special guest,” they mean ME.  After all, I write, I junk…therefore I’m a shoe-in.  AND  if the originator of the junksistas herself and I get our way, we’ll be headed to Washington for the show anyway.  So give it your all, but know you have stiff competition.  I’m now schooled in positive thinking, thanks to fellow Homesteader Pat.  I thought about selling chairs this weekend, and I sold two.  The day before I scored a penny scale at an estate sale (yes, I’ll eventually post photos), I told my husband how much I’d love to find one.  I kid you not.  Now I really, truly want to head to the Pacific Northwest in June…may the luckiest junker win!