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How I spent my winter vacation

31 Dec

Getting ready for Valentine’s Day already.  There are 70-plus charms on my dining room table waiting to be soldered.  Every time I walk through the dining room, I look at them admiringly, but then I keep on hoofin’ it. I just can’t be motivated to dig out my soldering iron. I’m hoping to complete most of them this weekend, however. And I’m slow. So when I do the math, I think that it could be pushing V-Day before they’re all complete.

I did loads of other things during the winter break. I cleaned out the trunk of my car and rescued a number of goodies to haul to the shop, including some absolutely precious Mrs. Day’s ideal baby shoes. {I planned to keep them since we share the same last name, but I couldn’t figure out what I’d do with them. So I’ll take them to the shop and pair them with cute little baby dresses.}

Also during this two-week vacation, I cooked. I ate. I hosted a nasty bug that irritated my stomach and stole my voice. I celebrated Christmas. I watched movies. In fact, right this very second, I’m missing out on a James Bond movie. Can you believe I would lock myself away on New Year’s Eve blogging while I could be enjoying James Bond? Just so you know, I’m enjoying a little bubbly while I type this, since it’s about time to ring in 2011.  We uncorked early because we know ourselves well enough to know that if we wait to uncork at midnight, we’ll never do it. I always have a hard time staying awake on New Year’s Eve, even though I’m a night owl almost every other day of the year.

Now that was really off-topic wasn’t it? See what happens when I blog TWO DAYS STRAIGHT? 

Happy New Year! May there be loads of junk on your horizon…

It’s been a while…though I think I made you smile.

30 Dec

So people keep asking me — okay… ONE VERY IMPORTANT PERSON {who happens to have been honored, like, a minute ago as one of the top antiques bloggers this side of anywhere} asked me — why I stopped blogging. I didn’t really consciously stop, per say. You’ve just been experiencing my latent period. 

All artists have a latent period, right? At least during mine, I didn’t cut off an ear or start painting everything blue.  But my absence was noted, if not in the blogging world, then certainly in the real world.  I had at least one customer call to find out when I’d be delivering new stuff to the shop.  And then, most recently, I ran into a customer who mentioned my “lull” over the summer.  Hmmm.

I’m usually more reliable than I have been, I have to admit.  But since at least one of my fellow bloggers HATES excuses for blog-log, I won’t bore you with the details of my hiatus. Just know it’s over. And commence with your own version of the happy dance. Then when you’re all done with that, sit down and read what I hope will be a fun story for you.  It should be. It’s about me. And it may be about you.

Why I Started Blogging

by Kristi

One night a while back, I was searching online for these two sisters from Oklahoma who used to sell the most amazing upholstered furniture and painted wood stuff in Warrenton. {I’ve since discovered that they no longer sell in Warrenton, but they used to drive down from OK in an 18-wheeler. They were my idols.} Anyway, some search engine directed me to Vintage Sue. And while I never found the information I was looking for, I ended up reading all of her archives and was hooked on blogland.

So I started a blog. On WordPress {that’s where Vintage Sue was at the time}. I didn’t even look at any other sites. I jumped in without having any idea what I was doing. I decided to try to get to know some of these junkers I was reading about.  I added only a couple of names to my blogroll — blogs that grabbed me right off the bat.  Then I got lazy and didn’t add any other names for a while.  The first blogs I added were Dream in Cream and Vintage Rescue Squad.  It was probably Sue’s {VRS} comment about being creeped out by being only one of two blogs on my blogroll that got me to addin’ more. Obviously that didn’t last.  I’m still a lazy blogger. So if you aren’t on my blogroll, I apologize. It’s just how I roll…or don’t roll in this case.

I think I may have been introduced to VRS and Dream in Cream through the blogroll on the Junk Sistas blog.  I was so taken by the warmth of bloggers donating junk for Baby Bella’s cause, that I decided to donate.  And I bought raffle chances. And I was a winner {And as fate would have it, I won something from Dream in Cream}. And it just so happened that the woman who organized the whole fundraiser lives in my same city. In fact we live about two miles apart. Since that time, Amy {of Gypsy Chix and Amy Boland Photography} and I have shared some awesome junking adventures. In real life.  She came to my garage sale recently and got a great deal on a couple of sleds. I scored an awesome chandelier, mirror and some hymnals at her garage sale.  But it was blogland that brought us together.

And I have to mention the charming Mindy Sue of the P {sorry I haven’t updated my blogroll in so long, Mindy!}. She’s one of the few people who actually commented on my blog! Needless to say, I love her for it!  And then I got to meet her in Warrenton. And she even tried to come to my rescue when I was cornered by a talker who was keeping me from precious field time!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t shout out to Janet of Talk Sweet Talk. She may not be on my blogroll, but she will be when I re-vamp this latent blog! I first met Janet in real life. She used to have a booth in the Bermuda Triangle at Cole’s in Warrenton. It would take me FOREVER to find her. And I’d go to Cole’s just. for. her. space. Ironstone. Mmm. WORDS! She fed my paper habit. As it turns out, we live in a small world. My mom actually knows Janet’s brother and probably knows Janet. Long story short, Janet and I are now FB friends and I finally read her blog. {If you aren’t using networked blogs on FB, you should be. It’s so nice.}

Theresa Cano of Garden Antiques is a Goddess looking down on us all  — either that or Santa.  She knows when we’ve been sleeping, she knows when ANY new blog starts. She seems to be everywhere at once. She’s like the blogland junking ambassador.  And she’s nice to me even though I gave her terrible leads on where to junk in San Antonio!  And every time I see Theresa, I reintroduce myself because I’m certain she has no idea who I am in real life. 

So that’s basically my story. How I got started. How I got hooked. And my personal list of top bloggers — a very biased list.  So my new year’s wish for Sue of VRS is that the new year will somehow hold 24 months instead of 12 so we can add to that awesome 2011 calendar. For Mindy, I wish she still had that long, narrow glass cabinet door that I didn’t buy in Warrenton. Because I really want it now! For Amy, I wish that the lighting in the year ahead will be kind to you during photo shoots and that we can be co-pilots on many adventures.  For Tiina, I wish you easy access to your friends’ homes and booths so I can dream vicariously through your blog. For Vintage Sue, I wish you good junking temps so you can fill those Friday Flea treasures to the brim. For Janet, I wish to find you THIS SPRING in your new Marburger digs. And I hope to be there before closing time, unless you’re in another Bermuda Triangle. And for Theresa, I wish that next time I see you at a show {Big Red Barn, Jan. 15}, you might actually know who I am {I’ll be with Amy}.  As you can see these really aren’t wishes for you. These are wishes for me. Because this story is about me. And I’m selfish that way.

The end.

But seriously… I wish all of you in blogland a spectacular year ahead. I hope to get to know more of you out there. And I really appreciate the support from those of you who have me on your blogroll and have left me there even though I’ve been lazy, latent and lulled. I hope you’ll stop by often in the new year and that you’ll give me more stories to tell at the end of 2011.  


P.S. There are no links in this post because I still haven’t learned how to do that. Sorry. But please be sure to click on my sidebar blogroll links. You’ll be glad you did.