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Everything old is new again

31 Jan

Today I was surprised to receive the first in what I hope will be a steady trickle of merchandise I ordered at market:

German grain sack reproduced as a rug/wall hanging/table cover. And canvas buckets.

My husband didn’t hesitate to start calling the grain sack piece a “traitor rug.” He also pointed out that the writing on the canvas bucket couldn’t possibly be French, but that the bucket would come in handy on a camping trip. Really? I told him it was much too cute to take camping…

SO…the first person who can explain to me WHY my husband made those comments about the rug and the bucket GETS A BUCKET!

The above question was a stumper. And I really want you to have this cute bucket. So if you like what you see, I’ll be giving away one bucket to a lucky winner.  All you need to do to be included in this random drawing is leave me a comment before 6 p.m. Friday, February 4. I’ll have one bucket reserved in the winner’s name.*  Good luck! 

*If you live far away, it will be mailed to you!!


Deja Vu

28 Jan

In her third — count ’em — giveaway of the year, Amy of Four Sisters in a Cottage has 100+ pieces of ephemera up for grabs! Since I didn’t win her last giveaway, I’m going for it again. Maybe you should, too… unless YOU won the last one. In which case I think you should give it a rest instead.  Check out the giveaway here. Then step aside as I elbow my way to the winner’s circle. 

Have a junkalicious weekend…

***Pssst…just got home from working on my far-away space to discover an email from Amy of Four Sisters in a Cottage…I WON!!!! {guess I’ll be sitting out her birthday giveaway later this week.)

To do or not to do — that is the real question

27 Jan


When I have a project like this looming in front of me {for months, mind you}:

I prefer to ignore it and concentrate on something easier, like removing crystals from an old light fixture that’s been hanging, ignored, in the shop for months.

Whereas that chest of drawers {let’s just call him Chester, shall we?} needs the veneer glued down, a drawer fixed and a paint job, all these pretty little crystals need is a good bath.

Now they’re ready for all kinds of things!

Just look at this two-second project:

{Aren’t crystals supposed to be good for your health or something?}

I PROUDLY wore my newest jewelry creation to my son’s high school tonight. No one seemed to treat me like I’d lost my mind. But now that I think about it, no one gave me compliments either. Hmmm…did I just make a Regretsy, as I’m feelin’ a little like Amy Sedaris and her crafts over here?! 

Pretty in pink

25 Jan

Isn’t she?

{all photos from the pink room in my house}

To market, to market…

24 Jan

All I can say is WOW. Market. It wasn’t even old stuff, and I still managed to enjoy myself and to spend money!

What I discovered:

1. I want to sell candles

2. I want to sell bath and body products

3. I want to sell cards…postcards… notepads

4. I want to be a buyer for some huge company and just sit and write orders all. day. long.

5. In Dallas, there’s no such thing as hair that’s too high

6. In Dallas, there’s no such thing as too much makeup

7. Some sales reps need to be reminded that they are working at a wholesale market … go buy an attitude adjustment {I’m just the type to report you. In fact, I did.}

8. Most sales reps are extremely nice and helpful

9. Freebies rule, even if it’s a fingernail file or a slice of organic soap

10. Free food and drinks rule — especially pimento cheese and crackers that appear at just the right moment. And pink sparkly cake is an extra-special bonus. And a mashed potato bar is heaven

11. EVERYTHING  is being reproduced {duh}. NOTHING old is sacred. {with the exception of loving cups, which I KNOW are being reproduced, I just didn’t have any luck finding them.}

12. Vendors who shop in Paris for props won’t part with said props no matter how hard you beg. They expect you to buy the new stuff. Go figure

13. Original jewelry should never be swapped for a Justin Bieber rubber bracelet, no matter how cute the brace-faced kid is who makes the offer

14. The World Trade Center is big

15. 11,000 parking places may sound like a lot, but they fill up quickly {Note to buyers: please take the time to pull into only ONE space STRAIGHT, so that 11,000 vehicles will fit. If I can’t have two parking spaces, neither can you.}

16. Shopping is tiring

17. Writing orders is cool

18. Cash-n-carry is not for me

19. Inspiration is everywhere

20. At least one wholesaler carries Meloney Russell’s beautiful pillows. {I didn’t buy. I’ll go straight to the source in Warrenton.}

21. I miss Dallas

22. I’m ready to put Halloween in the shop. And Christmas

Orders are placed. Now is the time when I wait. I think you’ll like what I ordered. It all fits well with all the vintage junk I sell. It must be late {or early}. I’m rhyming.

Have an awesome week…

Are you a VIB?

21 Jan

Marburger Farms is looking for a few good bloggers to blog about their spring show!  Can you think of anything more fun than that?!  Press credentials, t-shirt, swag bag…all in exchange for covering the most beautiful antiques show around {at least that’s what I’ve heard}!  To register as a Very Important Blogger, click here to fill out your form.  Hope to see you there!

Two great things that go great together

20 Jan


It’s all the rage.

And it is SO not my house.

Yet … YET… I recently purchased a couple of pieces that have somehow found their way into my heart and into my home.

I live in a mid-century modern ranch. Our living room has ledge lighting and a stone wall with an offset fireplace. Our front door is extra wide with an offset doorknob. Our roof is thisclose to being flat and was tar and gravel until the late 90s.

And I love it. We’ve outfitted our living and dining rooms, mostly, with teak Danish modern furnishings — period pieces that reflect the modern mood of 1957, the year our home was built.

When we were putting together our guest room/office, we included a pole lamp. {When we first looked at the house, there was a very scary pole lamp in the bedroom. Sadly, it didn’t convey.} We also have a mix of leather, fabric upholstery and VINYL in the room.  And this room is known as the pink room. Its walls are pink with brown trim. Its curtains have pink and brown polka dots.  This room is most definitely the most girly room in the house. It’s a mixture of eras and wood {no teak}, including an antique tiger oak file cabinet from an old bank and a 40s looking coffee table from Target.  Original metal works of art designed by a friend of ours hang opposite a Rodney White pink and green print in a shabby frame.  Needless to say, this room is a bit eclectic. 

So… a couple of French pieces added in would hardly be noticeable, right?

The French quilt in the photo was purchased from Kelly Coffman of Vintage Bliss. I adore it. It stays thrown over the back of the leather loveseat.  The French box I purchased from Willow Nest at the Big Red Barn sale. It’s now the centerpiece on the Target coffee table. {Does that make you cringe like fingernails on a chalkboard?}

The box is probably a yard long, decorated with pyrography and then covered in French wallpaper strips. Linda from Willow Nest believes it to be from the late 1800s. I agree.  It has beautiful pink silk lining that is hardly shredded at all. And now it’s a comfy place for all my calling cards to rest.

I don’t think I’d be happy in a home that wasn’t at least a bit eclectic. 

Customers and fellow dealers ask me quite regularly if my home looks like my white cottage/shabby space where I sell. They are always surprised to find out that I don’t have a bit of white and hardly any black in my home.  It’s full of color.  Each room is a bit different. But it works for me. It makes me happy {at least it makes me happy on those rare occasions when it’s clean}. And the pink room is, hands down, my favorite room.