All in a Day’s work

3 Jan

Just so you know… the postman DOES ring twice. And sometimes he’s toting some pretty cool parcels.  But lately, all the good mail that’s been coming to our house has been for my sons who were given Amazon gift cards for Christmas. ToDAY, however, our mail carrier delivered a package to ME.

Not one to snap photos of packages, I made an exception toDAY.  The box above came from Lana Manis of Simple Joys Paperie {and is a fine example of why I’ll probably never sell on Etsy. I just can’t imagine taking so much care in packing up an order}. Inside that cute little box is a wrist cuff I recently ordered. It’s made from the spine of a vintage book, and looks a little like this:

Actually, it looks JUST like that photo … because that is MY new wrist cuff.  You see… I have another addiction.  I love finding things with my name on it. Just can’t help it. And I guess I’m lucky — or unlucky, depending on how you view it — that I have a name commonly found on objects: DAY.  The sweet little wrist cuff  actually says “The new DAY IN AND DAY OUT.” And I may just wear it every single DAY!

I’m not kidding about the name obsession.  For illustration purposes only, I snapped a few shots around the house just to give you a peek at my name obsession. And the following photo actually combines TWO of my obsessions:

Yes…It’s an old ledger.  And, yes, I have more that one. But this one is special. I drove pretty far to an estate sale to net this moldy old thang.  The odds were against me. The sale was in a gated community. The gate was locked when I arrived shortly before the sale was set to begin. So I stealthily tailgated a big lawn-service truck into the ‘hood, thinking I’d be one of the first in line. I mean, the gate was LOCKED! When I turned the corner and saw all the cars, I realized I wasn’t the only one to use the tailgating trick. I was just the latest.  But — luckily — one of my friends from the flea market was at the head of the line, and he promised me he’d hold that ledger for me until I made it inside.  The rest is history. {The other Day books (not pictured) I picked up from Apropos in Warrenton’s NorthGate field. And while it was an easier pick, it was pouring rain that day. And paper and rain don’t mix, kiddos. But the guys from Apropos are sweethearts and double-bagged my ledgers. I have a total of four now. But I’m always on the hunt for more.}

One thing I don’t have a picture of is a wooden Day’s Work tobacco box that my husband uses as an inbox {my idea} at his office.  But I do have a photo of this reproduction retro sign that hangs in our kitchen:

“Kristi, is there a story behind that blurry sign?” I can hear you asking.  “Why, yes. Yes, there is,” is my answer.  First of all… it’s not blurry in person.  Now that we’ve got that minor distraction taken care of, I can share my story. I saw this sign at an auction a few years back. Unfortunately, it wasn’t up for bid that night. It was to be part of the next auction. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend that next auction because my father-in-law was visiting.  But…LUCKILY… I was able to call in a favor.  You see, when I was at the auction where I originally saw the Day Dairy sign, I took some vintage snow skis off the hands of the auctioneer. He had a left bid on them and was going to have to ship them to the buyer … unless someone bid. He BEGGED. No one bid. “Please don’t make me pack these and ship these!” And because I am such a sucker for cute men who beg, I bid.  So…I thought nothing of calling up the auctioneer and reminding him of my generosity, then making a phone bid on the sign. I won the auction. Drove 90 miles round trip to pick up the sign, which is available wholesale through Ohio Wholesale, as it turns out. Bummer. But at least I have a good story.

This is the newest addition — besides my cuff — to our Day junk:

What you can’t see is the cute little owl in the center of the sign. And the “Quiet Please!” words on the other end. I picked up this beauty for $8 at the Long Beach flea market this past summer. I thought it would be a funny little joke, since SOMEONE in our house snores loudly, preventing someone ELSE from ever sleeping. I won’t name names.  We still haven’t found a permanent spot for the sign, but it makes me smile when I see it on the dresser with all the other cute little things I had to have that don’t have permanent homes.

And finally — are you still awake? — I have these old Victorian trading cards hanging in two of our bathrooms:

We don’t normally go around the house shouting, “Hey, Day, use some soap!” We do call each other by our first names. And you sometimes even hear a whisper of “mom” or “dad” … but only in emergency situations.  Still … it never hurts to remind our guests that we are a family that believes in using soap when we wash our hands! {Technically, that would be “Use the Days’ soap,” but I can’t rewrite history, so work with it.}

That concludes your tour for toDAY. But don’t be surprised if, at some point in your life, you receive some little gifty item from me, just because its name reminds me of you!


One Response to “All in a Day’s work”

  1. Anne January 4, 2011 at 1:46 am #

    And not only that, but every single day of the week pays homage to YOU, my friend!


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