Sunday shop shots

9 Jan

Thought I’d give you a little tour of my shop space tonight, since I’m having such a lazy Sunday. Another weekend has flown by, and I still haven’t managed to solder all those Valentine’s Day charms. And now I have some muslin to tea stain before churning out some hand-stamped Valentine’s Day ribbon.  But I did manage to stop by the shop today and straighten up a bit.  Egads… I am LOW on merchandise. Good thing the forecast for good junk in my future is 100%. And today’s Scrabble tile message was awesome:

And next to the Scrabble tiles is a tray of candles, wrapped in burlap, a strip of sheet music and some seam binding:

Then there are these old leather boxing gloves, which I love!  They’ve been at Homestead forever, so they’re about to get a transfer to Llano:

Last Friday, before my trip to Glory B’s Cottage, I picked up some V-Day banners from Kelly Coffman of Vintage Bliss.  Don’t EVEN try to duplicate these. You won’t be successful. Kelly uses a super-secret printing method to create these works of art.  And if everyone claps their hands, all together at the same time, maybe we can convince Kelly to get her Etsy shop up and running! I know she’d sell a ton of these:

You can’t tell how beautiful these are by looking at my cell phone pictures. Guess you need to come visit, just so you can see them in person:

These are printed on vintage book pages. Sometimes she uses pages from old hymnals. Right now I have three “love” banners and only one “xoxo” banner. Each one has a unique background design printed over the book page.  Simply gorgeous.

I always thought this shelf looked so cute … until I took its picture. Now I think it’s a little on the scary side:

I have baby shoes running out my ears. But I can’t stop buying them!

And finally, a couple of random shots:

Bingo cards and tape measures…sum up my style.

Pure randomness, assembled on a tray.

Rolls upon rolls of player piano music.  Just like the rolls upon rolls hanging over my waistband from eating the kids’ Swiss rolls!

I have nothing left to offer. Just kidding. I have LOADS more.  I just need to get in gear and get re-stocked.

Hope you have a fantastic week!


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