All work and no play makes Kris a bit cranky

10 Jan

I needed a day off today. Desperately. But since the devil will find work for idle hands to do (at least according to The Smiths), I decided to use some tricks o’ the mind and fool myself into thinking my shop projects were simply play time. Who am I kidding? I loved this creative day. The weather was chilly and damp, so I lit a candle, cranked up some tunes {including The Smiths} and got busy finishing up my Valentine pendants. I still have to set a few jump rings, but sometimes that requires language better used when home alone. So… I’ll finish up in the morning, when I get the run of the place again.

My trip to the shop today was brief, but I did drop off a few things, including my lovely, if I do say so myself, hand-stamped muslin Valentine ribbon. I got 10 strips stamped, then tied each one in a purty bow on a Bingo card. And now for $5, you can own one!  But…as I was focusing on some other news, I neglected to snap a picture of the ribbon. So you’ll have to trust me on the cute factor.

And that OTHER news would be that I will be going to market, to market to buy…who-knows-what weekend after next.  “Antiques at market?” you ask. Well, no. We do carry a small selection of new items in our shop spaces. The economy forced our hand, I’m afraid to say. Had to diversify a bit. Hope you’re not too disappointed.  But I promise the old ain’t goin’ nowhere!  And the new is nothing if not cool.

But back to the market news… I’ve never been. And after reviewing the requirements, I found myself lacking a couple of the credentials. I’m happy to report, however, that all those details were taken care of today. Yay!

I celebrated with one last creative fling. This was my final project of the day:

My girls’ wardrobe at the shop has grown tired. In fact, my tall girl is still wearing her Christmas apron!  And speaking of aprons, that’s what you’re seeing above. I bought seven grungy hardware aprons at the flea market a while back. This one’s still in the simmering stage…I need to glue and tie on all its parts, add some seam binding and who knows what else, then it’s headed to Homestead.  All seven will have different personalities, I’m thinking.  I want them to be cute, yet still functional. I have a customer that wears aprons all the time. She says it’s easier for her to find her wallet and cell phone than when they’re lost in the depths of a messy purse. Okay. She didn’t say messy. I may have editorialized a bit based on MY purse.

Do you think I should doll up all the aprons or just leave a couple as-is?  Or should I scrap {no pun intended} the whole altering project?  *Note to self: consult Apronology ASAP!

Take time to play this week, would ya? {Even if it requires mind tricks!!}


One Response to “All work and no play makes Kris a bit cranky”

  1. Janet January 11, 2011 at 2:17 pm #

    i must declare that i use child psychology on myself on a daily basis! who knows where i’d be without it! i say doll ’em all up! see you SOON!

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