Show time!

11 Jan

It’s almost here…like a rock show, only for junkers:

And the line-up looks a little like “awww” or maybe “ahhhh”:

Garden Antiques Vintage

Judy Hill Designs

Sweet Talk

Red Door

Willow Nest

The Seed Box Antiques

…and many more rockin’ vendors! {Let me know if I can add someone, and I’ll do it!}

Will handsome Hector from San Antonio be set up?

Who was that woman who sold all the clocks, clock faces, skeleton keys, stereo cards, and tons of other smalls last summer? Will she be there?

And last summer Leftovers had a space…but I STILL headed to their Brenham shop after the show. How could I resist?

I can hardly wait. But unfortunately, I have to wait all the way until Sunday. {Drag} So save me somethin’ reallll special, would ya?

9-5 Saturday

10-4 Sunday

Let the shows begin!!


One Response to “Show time!”

  1. Janet January 12, 2011 at 11:01 am #

    thanks for the nod! only 4 sleeps! eeeeeeeee!

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