Another giveaway alert!

12 Jan

Seriously… another giveaway.

This time it’s over at VintageSue’s blog. Check it out. But really… it’s okay if you don’t enter!  And while you’re over there, sneak a peek at her flea market treasures. I couldn’t resist the shabby framed birdcage prints.  {SOLD!!} Wonder if there are any goodies left? Maybe I need to head back over there myself!

{This photo has nothing to do with this post! Just more of my stuff available at Homestead.}

Hope you’ve had an excellent Wednesday. I had a fabulous day, which started with a text message from Beverly at Glory B’s Cottage. She’s trying to blog, y’all… she really is. She’s just experiencing some technical difficulties.  But… she did send me some pictures with her texts.  Good junk.  {I’d post them here, but I’m thinking she’s saving them for her next blog post.}

After a killer lunch stop at San Antonio’s newest cool spot — a TRAILER PARK for FOOD TRUCKS  of all things — I dropped off a few things at the shop.  But let’s back up to the food stuff. Our newspaper was just saying how cupcakes are over. But I picked up some fabulous carrot cake and strawberry mango cupcakes to take to the women working at Homestead. Five out of five of us agreed the cupcake is here to stay for a while. At least in San Antonio. At least these cupcakes. Sometimes we’re behind a year or five on all things cultural in SA.  AND our newspaper also had on their out list {which was written by Houstonians}: food trucks. Maybe it’s time to cancel that subscription!

So … back to the junk… at Homestead today I scored one of those great satin heart pin cushions. You know, the ones with loosely stitched crochet over them? {That’s only weakness #506 for me.} I also bought a bag of junk jewelry that included NINE rosaries. NINE … Yep,  NINE.  I ended up with about 40 decent pieces {a steal} — some to resell some to use on my apron project.

{Same gratuitous advertising for my shop space.}

Then, to top of a fantastic day, I went to World Market to spend $70 in rewards!  Naturally, I went over by some bucks that I refuse to be specific about.  But the cashier gave me another $10 off (coupon).  Excellent.

Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!  At least three estate sales within 10 minutes of my house… !


One Response to “Another giveaway alert!”

  1. sue January 13, 2011 at 12:41 am #

    1. Food trucks are IN, at least here in DC. You should see the line for the lobster roll truck. 2. Cupcakes are passe; it’s the year of PIE. Hell, it should be a century of pie, as far as I’m concerned. 3. NINE rosaries???? You lucky duck. 4. So ecstatic that you’re blogging full time (at least for 12 days). Love reading your enthusiasm. Keep it up, at least until I meet you in person in late March! XOXOX

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