Hide the evidence {please}.

13 Jan

So we’ve progressed from singing Jingle Bells  at estate sales to snapping photos of junkers, even when they’re looking a little … vintage:

Are all these crazy things happening because of the reality show rumor? Or is it just the friendly way of Texans?  And why didn’t I jump behind the tree with Mickey?  He’s one of my favorite flea market vendors, and you can only spot his shoe in this picture (borrowed without permission from Crystal’s Estate Sales’ FB page, by the way).

And honestly… chatting outside was more fun than shopping inside {mostly new stuff}. I did score a vintage dress, however, AND immediately updated my tall girl’s wardrobe. A woman, who happened to be shopping during the wardrobe change, told me the dress was what they used to call flocked nylon.  Pictures to follow at a later date…

Tomorrow, first thing: shower, makeup and clean clothes… just in case …


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