To market, to market…

24 Jan

All I can say is WOW. Market. It wasn’t even old stuff, and I still managed to enjoy myself and to spend money!

What I discovered:

1. I want to sell candles

2. I want to sell bath and body products

3. I want to sell cards…postcards… notepads

4. I want to be a buyer for some huge company and just sit and write orders all. day. long.

5. In Dallas, there’s no such thing as hair that’s too high

6. In Dallas, there’s no such thing as too much makeup

7. Some sales reps need to be reminded that they are working at a wholesale market … go buy an attitude adjustment {I’m just the type to report you. In fact, I did.}

8. Most sales reps are extremely nice and helpful

9. Freebies rule, even if it’s a fingernail file or a slice of organic soap

10. Free food and drinks rule — especially pimento cheese and crackers that appear at just the right moment. And pink sparkly cake is an extra-special bonus. And a mashed potato bar is heaven

11. EVERYTHING  is being reproduced {duh}. NOTHING old is sacred. {with the exception of loving cups, which I KNOW are being reproduced, I just didn’t have any luck finding them.}

12. Vendors who shop in Paris for props won’t part with said props no matter how hard you beg. They expect you to buy the new stuff. Go figure

13. Original jewelry should never be swapped for a Justin Bieber rubber bracelet, no matter how cute the brace-faced kid is who makes the offer

14. The World Trade Center is big

15. 11,000 parking places may sound like a lot, but they fill up quickly {Note to buyers: please take the time to pull into only ONE space STRAIGHT, so that 11,000 vehicles will fit. If I can’t have two parking spaces, neither can you.}

16. Shopping is tiring

17. Writing orders is cool

18. Cash-n-carry is not for me

19. Inspiration is everywhere

20. At least one wholesaler carries Meloney Russell’s beautiful pillows. {I didn’t buy. I’ll go straight to the source in Warrenton.}

21. I miss Dallas

22. I’m ready to put Halloween in the shop. And Christmas

Orders are placed. Now is the time when I wait. I think you’ll like what I ordered. It all fits well with all the vintage junk I sell. It must be late {or early}. I’m rhyming.

Have an awesome week…


2 Responses to “To market, to market…”

  1. Junker Newbie Stephanie January 24, 2011 at 11:03 am #

    And I want to receive the goods that you sit and order All. Day. Long.! LOL, looks like fun!

  2. Theresa-Garden Antqs Vintage January 24, 2011 at 2:07 pm #

    Interesting, do you know who is carrying Mel’s pillows. I was told she had a big order she was working on, that’s great for her!!

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