To do or not to do — that is the real question

27 Jan


When I have a project like this looming in front of me {for months, mind you}:

I prefer to ignore it and concentrate on something easier, like removing crystals from an old light fixture that’s been hanging, ignored, in the shop for months.

Whereas that chest of drawers {let’s just call him Chester, shall we?} needs the veneer glued down, a drawer fixed and a paint job, all these pretty little crystals need is a good bath.

Now they’re ready for all kinds of things!

Just look at this two-second project:

{Aren’t crystals supposed to be good for your health or something?}

I PROUDLY wore my newest jewelry creation to my son’s high school tonight. No one seemed to treat me like I’d lost my mind. But now that I think about it, no one gave me compliments either. Hmmm…did I just make a Regretsy, as I’m feelin’ a little like Amy Sedaris and her crafts over here?! 


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