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31 Mar


It’s in my blood. And I couldn’t be happier. Next up: Marburger Farm.


Guess where I am

27 Mar


In Carmine. Lots of goodies this trip! Turtle shells, grain sacks,cast iron fountain, song books. I’m totally geeked!

Update: I tried to post this around noon Saturday. I grossly overestimated the strength of my 3G connection. “G” doesn’t seem strong enough to load a post. So much for the live blogging gig. {Finished before it even started.}

The junk in Warrenton is plentiful! Looking forward to another day in the fields!

Ready, set

25 Mar


On my way to the big show! All-in-all, I’ll be spending six days in the fields.

Hot tomorrow. Possible rain Wednesday. Chilly Thursday. Looks like a typical antiques week weather mix!

Stay tuned for some “real time” posts over the next week. If all goes as planned {fingers crossed} this blog will look more like a twitter account than a blog, putting you smack dab in the middle of all the action.  I’m planning a test run tomorrow …

Hope to see you in the fields!

Fine art

24 Mar

I’ll just get it ALL out in the open up front: paint-by-number paintings.

There. I said it. 

Some are better than others.

Some are even signed and dated.

I love them. {most of them.} And recently I purchased five.

Three are a bit sloppy but signed and dated 1955: The Wizard of Oz, Pinocchio and Alice in Wonderland.

One is a church. {I liked its colors.}

And this one I thought my friend Carol might want:

I thought it was a tropical scene, which is what she collects, but after further inspection I’ve changed my mind. It is very well done, however.

Anyone out there enjoy this fine art form {the actual painting and/or collecting}?

Spring break in Llano

23 Mar

Last week I finally visited my space in the lland far, far away…Llano.

There was beauty there — much of it in my mom’s front yard:


{Texas Mountain Laurel is in bloom. It fills the air with a scent reminiscent of grape kool aid.}

I revisited the photo above after a particularly dirty day in the world of estate sales. After picking through a couple of extra-crunchy boxes of who-knows-what yesterday, I realized that in any given week, I’m more likely than not to lay hands {accidentally, of course} on rodent droppings.

Are you still with me?

I know it’s against all etiquette standards to discuss poop, but in this business I run across a lot of their business, if you get my drift. 

Anyone else in the same boat?

What kind of lives are we leading?

We’re lucky we all haven’t succumbed by now. And what a sad world it would be without the contribution of junkers.

Okay. Now that I’ve gone all goth and discussed death in the same post as poop, I guess I owe you some more beauty:

{Mom’s church pew — in close-to-perfect condition. Six attached seats form the long and heavy pew.}

Come visit us at Whimseys in Llano and sit a spell, won’t you?

It’s nice this time of year.

My newest BFFs

22 Mar

She trusted me to price for her.

On my very first day, I priced. And so did the other newbie.

{Masking tape, a Sharpie and a pair of scissors are my new best friends.}

I was told to trust my instincts. I was told I couldn’t screw up. {That last bit of advice was extremely helpful.}

I asked the important questions: 1.What do we do about lunch? 2. What are you anal about? {Yes. Really. } 3.What do I do if I see something I want to purchase?

The day went by quickly. And my {self-diagnosed} adult-onset ADD kicked in only once, so I asked to go price the yard stuff.

That helped.

Today we finish pricing this sale. Tomorrow we start working on a different sale.  So far, setting up isn’t that different from setting up for one of my own garage sales, only 100 times more intense and much, much more massive.

And after two full days of pricing, I’ll probably be dreaming of sharpies, tape and scissors. Sounds kind of like a new game, doesn’t it? {sharpie writes on tape, tape binds scissors, and…oh, never mind.}

May your ink be plentiful, your scissors be just sharp enough and your tape stay tacky.

Like a backstage pass, only better

21 Mar

I’m excited.

I’ve waited a long time for someone to pop the question, but it finally happened:

I’ve been asked to help a friend with her estate sales. I’ll be working off and on for her through May. Starting today.

I feel like I’ve been given a VIP backstage pass … or even better — a paid vacation.

Today we’ll be pricing a sale that opens Friday. Tuesday we’ll begin working on another sale.

I have no idea how much this gig pays. {I was so excited, I didn’t think to ask.}

I have no idea if she allows early buying.  But since I’m sacrificing valuable junking time to work for her, I can’t help but think that she’ll be okay with me getting first dibs…

I usually buy the stuff everyone else passes over anyway, right?!

WooHoo… my lunch is packed… bring on the junk!

Wish me luck!