How I spent my weekend

7 Mar

All play and no work makes my sales tank! So I spent the weekend trying to play catch-up after months of neglect.  That’s the problem with multiple spaces, even within the same shop. For me anyway. Something always gets left undone.

My creative neighbors across the aisle from my neglected space had made things all spiffy, and the pressure was on. I had become the problem child.

The bad neighbor.

The stinky kid.  

And to top it all off, I sold a piece of furniture last week which left a huge hole. People thought I was moving out. This prompted me to kick things into gear. 

I painted.

I glued.

I sanded.

And I filled that space last night.

Then today,  not even an hour into the day, I sold a chest of drawers I had just lugged to the shop last night.

SO…today has been kind of like a repeat of my weekend, all condensed into one day … with a little laundry mixed in.

{There are worse ways to start the week — not to mention a new pay period!}


One Response to “How I spent my weekend”

  1. Joy March 8, 2011 at 1:25 am #

    A fast sale, mixed blessing but it feels good. Enjoy reading your blog.
    – Joy

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