Music to my ears

9 Mar

There’s nothing quite like an early morning phone message that goes something like this:

“We’re at a house with lots of junk. Come meet us.”

Well… Let me think about it.

 Twist my arm.

Big. Fat. Ha. In reality it was more like, ” YES! I’ll be right over as soon as I brush my teeth and hair and throw on yesterday’s clothes.”

I’d love to show you my haul, but somehow in all the excitement I left my cell phone at home. And that’s how I’ve been taking photos these days, you know.

After once again filling my trunk, I immediately headed to the shop to leave a few things, including a chippy pink bench and a black folding plant stand.  AND…I have more stuff to pick up tomorrow and Friday. 

Photos to come. 

But… since this is White Wednesday, here’s a little peek at my Homestead space:

Happy junking trails to you!


One Response to “Music to my ears”

  1. Lezlee Cheek March 9, 2011 at 10:02 pm #

    I’ve had that exact conversation! lol, the best! I’m going to Round Top, sure hope we spot each other! Lezlee

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