Another full day

10 Mar

Another full trunk.

And finally… a fairly full shop!

My contribution to Easter? Easter buckets…filled with moss and tea-stained eggs. {Great use for those eggs that are hanging out in your fridge way past their welcome. Just use a sharp object to punch a hole in each end, shake ’em up and blow! Then rinse, so they don’t get gnarly. I tea stain them after I’ve emptied them, so they get nice and clean in the hot, hot water, too.}

Easter merch has been flying out of the shop even though Easter falls late this year.  I don’t really have any colorful Easter items, but I’m still stocking my colorful corner. I just love these:

Most of the keys are from hotels in the San Antonio area, some of which are still in operation.  One buyer told me she was going to stop by the hotel and try the key… just in case they’ve stayed vintage and haven’t switched to card keys. Good luck with that!

Tomorrow I’ll be picking up lots of furniture. It’s been a good junking week, but I’ll be glad to see it in my rearview mirror all the same.


One Response to “Another full day”

  1. Janet March 10, 2011 at 7:34 pm #

    gurl! i’m so far behind on your blog! i read back to the first part of march, but i missed so much more! homestead in SA? i’m confused, but then i usually am! and i’m certain you were referring to ME in your post about visiting Marburger on march 30…ahem! so does that mean you’ll be at the shindig that night? fingers crossed! and for just one second can i be a tad bit jealous that you went to urban market? we would have had to arm wrestle for those reels! okay, clearly i could go on and on and on! missing you, friend! kisses!

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