My newest BFFs

22 Mar

She trusted me to price for her.

On my very first day, I priced. And so did the other newbie.

{Masking tape, a Sharpie and a pair of scissors are my new best friends.}

I was told to trust my instincts. I was told I couldn’t screw up. {That last bit of advice was extremely helpful.}

I asked the important questions: 1.What do we do about lunch? 2. What are you anal about? {Yes. Really. } 3.What do I do if I see something I want to purchase?

The day went by quickly. And my {self-diagnosed} adult-onset ADD kicked in only once, so I asked to go price the yard stuff.

That helped.

Today we finish pricing this sale. Tomorrow we start working on a different sale.  So far, setting up isn’t that different from setting up for one of my own garage sales, only 100 times more intense and much, much more massive.

And after two full days of pricing, I’ll probably be dreaming of sharpies, tape and scissors. Sounds kind of like a new game, doesn’t it? {sharpie writes on tape, tape binds scissors, and…oh, never mind.}

May your ink be plentiful, your scissors be just sharp enough and your tape stay tacky.


One Response to “My newest BFFs”

  1. Junker Newbie Stephanie March 22, 2011 at 1:31 pm #

    So what were the answers to your 3 questions? Inquiring minds…

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