Spring break in Llano

23 Mar

Last week I finally visited my space in the lland far, far away…Llano.

There was beauty there — much of it in my mom’s front yard:


{Texas Mountain Laurel is in bloom. It fills the air with a scent reminiscent of grape kool aid.}

I revisited the photo above after a particularly dirty day in the world of estate sales. After picking through a couple of extra-crunchy boxes of who-knows-what yesterday, I realized that in any given week, I’m more likely than not to lay hands {accidentally, of course} on rodent droppings.

Are you still with me?

I know it’s against all etiquette standards to discuss poop, but in this business I run across a lot of their business, if you get my drift. 

Anyone else in the same boat?

What kind of lives are we leading?

We’re lucky we all haven’t succumbed by now. And what a sad world it would be without the contribution of junkers.

Okay. Now that I’ve gone all goth and discussed death in the same post as poop, I guess I owe you some more beauty:

{Mom’s church pew — in close-to-perfect condition. Six attached seats form the long and heavy pew.}

Come visit us at Whimseys in Llano and sit a spell, won’t you?

It’s nice this time of year.


One Response to “Spring break in Llano”

  1. glenda knox April 6, 2011 at 9:19 am #

    Lovely pic of the Laurel and butterflies; sadly, that
    beautiful sight only lasted about a week – but, now the
    roses are coming on!

    xoxo, mom

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