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On the road again

28 Apr

Taking a mini tour of Texas this weekend, starting here:

This will be a new experience for me! It’s their second show,  and it’s about five hours from San Antonio. I’ll be headed that way tonight. Otherwise, I might miss the luncheon and its featured speaker! {Hopefully I won’t have to fight any fires along the way. Literally.}

THEN… early Saturday morning I’ll be heading to the DFW metroplex for a little fun and games lots of hard work. Maybe even some sweat. But certainly some good food and, if I’m lucky, some excellent company and conversation.

THEN… on Sunday, I’ll be sweatin’ it in Canton. If you have to sweat, there’s hardly a better place to do it. {I said hardly. I have my loyalties.}

THEN…it’s back home again. And if the junking gods have my back, I think I’ll be carting home some treasures from all my destinations!

SO… if you’re going to be in any of the areas I’ve mentioned, be sure to give me a shout out. I’ll look you up!



27 Apr




Let it be known, from this day forward, that I have the ability to blog while sitting in the dentist’s waiting room.

I had to. I had no choice.

Somehow I neglected to show you photos of Time Worn Interiors’ space at Marburger. There are only a couple of photos, but they need to be seen. I realize that last photo has nothing to do with junking. It’s simply some Collective Soul eye candy. Enjoy!

Isn’t she lovely?

25 Apr




While sorting through some junk piles yesterday,  I was surprised to find this lace overdress sewn by my friend Mimi. She’s one heckuva seamstress, but she practically gives away her creations. How did I manage to forget all that lace?!  And the bling around my new girl’s  neck? Also buried in the pile.

What other forgotten treasures are waiting to be rediscovered?  I think I’ll keep digging today.

Have as beautiful week.

Happy Easter!

23 Apr

Best wishes for a beautiful Easter day!

More than words

22 Apr







Happy Good Earth Friday!

The marriage of old and new

20 Apr



The topic of mixing in new wholesale items with antiques has raised its conflicted head once again. And of course I have an opinion! I always have an opinion.

I do it.
Therefore it’s a fantastic idea!

Much like pickles and peanut butter sandwiches, chocolate-covered bacon or even my marriage, the idea might at first blow your mind in a shocked way before it blows it in a “far out” ah-ha moment.

The careful pairing of old and new can work. I think the pictures above prove it. In both photos, I’ve mixed in Peacock Park Design merch with chippy old stuff. (NOT THAT kind of Chippy.)

The secret to successful mixing, according to me, is to do it selectively. It’s simple: Don’t put in too much wholesale at one time. Make sure the new merch complements the vintage stuff you carry. Don’t get carried away by the ease of buying with a click of the mouse (versus the sweaty hauling of vintage wares). Never try to pass off reproductions as the real deal.
Stay true to your vision…and to your customers, who may not understand the beauty of chocolate-covered bacon.

Calling card

19 Apr


Just one of a million reasons to love Peacock Park Design.

I just opened my latest shipment. Amid the mounds of bubble wrap, cardboard and packing paper rests this beautiful and gentle reminder.

{And you’ll want to check out the link above, where Gina has posted some great shots from her trip to Warrenton/Round Top. She is a master at design… and buys lots of props for her showrooms during Texas Antiques Week.  }