Good eats

4 Apr


Best meatloaf sandwich I’ve ever eaten was at Happy Belly at the Arbors show near Warrenton. I guessed the secret ingredient flavoring the meatloaf.  Me. The one with no culinary skills. I also promised not to tell — even if bribed with a cookie.

But I can tell you that Carmine, home of Happy Belly and just down the road from the Arbors, was once Carmean. The spelling was changed after mail was mistakenly sent to Cameron, close to Waco, regularly. So that explains the pronunciation, which I always botched. Consider me learned now!


One Response to “Good eats”

  1. vintagesue April 4, 2011 at 9:09 pm #

    how was warrenton????? i remember going there only once and not bringing ANY money at all!!! what was i thinking????? oh well…..can’t wait to hear the tales!!!! hope you found some cool treasures and took lots of pics!
    take care

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