It’s been almost two weeks…

10 May

…time for another road trip!

Okay…that image is awfully small… but you get the picture.

I’ll be swinging through Llano early Friday morning to fetch my mom and sister for a belated Mother’s Day celebration at the Homestead Antiques Fair.

This will be my third time shopping the show in picturesque Hico, Texas.  There are always top-notch dealers, such as Girls Gone Junkin’, selling there. Usually The Seed Box is there, but they’ll be in Houston for Urban Market this time, which completely bums me out. I SO enjoy seeing them. But the Houston Urban Market is a nice show as well, so if you’d rather swing that way, you won’t be disappointed. Actually you could pull a Theresa (that’s what I’m now calling ALL Texas junking road trips) like I did a couple of weeks ago! You could travel to Hico Friday and/or Saturday and then hit Houston Sunday!  (Maybe I should be a junking travel agent on the side! Yes??? YES!)

And … BONUS …  if you’re anti high-fructose corn syrup, you can score some Dublin Dr. Pepper ON TAP in Hico. Pure Cane Sugar, baby. The way nature intended soft drinks to be made.

I’ll be spending Saturday in Llano, hopefully adding some merch to The Shop That I’ve Forsaken. Seriously. And I have a feeling Saturday will be a surprisingly great day to be in Llano. 

Hope you’re enjoying a fantastic week! May the junk be with you…

P.S.  SHUT UP! I heard that Maggie, of The Veranda in Canton, will also be setting up at the Hico show. AND … I met Pamela Grayson in Ft. Worth during my most recent junking adventure. She’ll be vending in Hico as well. AND Pamela told me that a couple of dealers from Lonestar Antiques will be in Hico, too! Like I said, it’s always such a beautiful show… Hope to see you there.


2 Responses to “It’s been almost two weeks…”

  1. Theresa-Garden Antqs Vintage May 10, 2011 at 7:05 pm #

    You are funny in more ways than one. And…where’s there’s a will there’s a way to make several shows when they are on the same weekend! Hey I hope you are making plans for the Red Barn show in JUne, I know it’s early but since I won’t be there selling I thought I could at least meet you there for a fun day, whatya say?

  2. tracy@rusted gingham May 11, 2011 at 8:41 am #

    Kristi, I’ve seen wonderful pictures from Hico shows, but never been. It looks so pretty! Make sure to grab a piece of Pie while you’re there. And drink a Dublin Dr. Pepper for me!

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