Job Perks

2 Mar

This is St. Joseph's Chapel, built in 1905. There was a one-room school next to it, but all that remains is the footprint.


Beautiful stained glass


Side view of the chapel


Reaching for the heavens


Obviously I liked the look of this place.


On the chapel grounds. His and hers?


Hills and trains roll behind the farm.


Not for sale, but really good lookin'!


Also not for sale, though there were some really big wheels of some sort for sale.


Non-Texans sometimes mistake our spring for fall. Our live oaks are starting to drop their leaves now.


These boots were made for walking, but not out in mushy fields. I love them nonetheless.

One of the greatest things about junking is the scenery along the way. The great outdoors rose to the occasion today, with sunshine and temps topping out around 85. Besides loading down the car with rusty treasures, I stirred up some peaceful cows who really didn’t care to be caught on film.

Tomorrow I’m heading back to the farm to pick up a gun cabinet I purchased for my husband. It’s half-off day at the sale. Don’t know if there’s much left, but I’m getting photos of a windmill and some sheep for sure.

Hope your weekend’s full of beautiful scenery, no matter what that means to you.


2 Responses to “Job Perks”

  1. Betsy March 2, 2012 at 10:52 pm #

    I went to that sale on Friday and loved their farm. I Asked them if the sheep were for sale! Not yet they said! Like I’d have the place or time to raise sheep! Ha!

  2. Debbie York March 3, 2012 at 9:10 am #

    Reckon we could confiscate that two holer? Great pix!
    P.S. Those boots are way cooler than GS feet.

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