Springing forward

6 Mar

spring table setting in all its glory


I love the patina on this old scale. The measuring cup was missing, but it's a perfect resting place for a little bird's nest.


I'm so in love with these chairs. I recovered them in old barkcloth. I wasn't sure how the fabric would look against the white, but it's perfect. I just want to stare at it all day.


Easter place setting...colorful gloves for napkins, and handmade flowers for napkin rings.


Close up...I love all the colors of spring.


SPRING! It weighs a TON. And a lovely prize ribbon with quite a travel history.


Thankful for the quick sale of the big piece in this photo!

It must be close to time-change time. I’ve been waking up to bright light this week, thinking I’ve somehow overslept. It seems to happen overnight. Well, I realize it literally changes from dark to light while I’m asleep. But I swear it was still dark when my alarm woke me up just last week. And suddenly? It’s bright and shiny before my non- grocery store feet hit the floor in the a.m.

Slowly but surely I’m springing forward at the shop, too. Yes. Those are springs — big, heavy springs– on that table. Get it? SPRINGS?!

And I’ll be re-doing that wall soon, too. That big, heavy piece sold the very second I brought it in. It’s unbelievably heavy cast aluminum. An outdoor piece in a former life, it’s going to a great new home.


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