Fresh from the farm …

7 Mar

coffee stained eggs nested all in a row on stamped muslin...


Farm implement is marked and dated late 1800s. Eggs were a little fresher than that but not much.


I totally dig old boxes. This one has the hinges, but needs a little work. As is, the lid simply lifts off. It's quite tattered and matches a wicker sofa that is behind it (but not pictured) perfectly.

So mingling with the cows, sheep and chickens wasn’t the only thing I accomplished at the farm sale last weekend. There was so much crusty stuff to be had. The photos above show off just a couple of treasures that came home with me. The metal piece is dated. It’s some sort of cutter. I thought it would make a great centerpiece. So… I emptied some eggs last night and coffee stained them. It’s a great way to use eggs that have outlived their expiration date. I found lots of other (I can only guess) former food products while scrounging for the eggs, so today most of the fridge got emptied too. And I discovered another carton of eggs in the process! Good thing Easter coincides with spring cleaning.


One Response to “Fresh from the farm …”

  1. Sisters Treasures (@SistersTreasure) March 12, 2012 at 8:13 am #

    You did find great treasures among the cows (and chickens it appears). I love the old box and love the idea of coffee staining the eggs.
    BTW, if you’re still feeling the “urge to purge” refrigerators, mine could use it! ha! ha! I’m kind of scared to look at some of the containers that keep getting pushed to the back shelf! ……. uh oh… TMI, right? 🙂

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