Junking season is in full swing

20 Mar

Victorian baby buggy!


Something so sweet deserves a second shot, right?


Cute little decorative bird cage...


Wicker desk. Sold immediately. It was TDF for sure.


Old green basket. Didn't hang around the shop for long!


Love the size of this piece...


Chipped pottery. I can't resist it.


Beveled mirrors...another one of my many weaknesses.


This is my to-do list. It's rather lengthy, but loads of fun.

Long about the time our live oaks begin shedding their leaves, junking season seems to kick into high gear. I love spring and all its shopping opportunities. I love the crazy busy days of March and April. I even like that first little burn on the back of my neck from keeping my head bent, searching for bargains.

I just returned from a fantastic long weekend full of art and junk (more on that later). But, in typical fashion, as I was preparing to leave town last week, I got a junk tip I couldn’t resist. So…I spent a full day last week hauling treasures to the shop. Then I was forced to clean out my car (bottom picture) just in case I found even more irresistible junk in DFW. I did. Natch.

In just a few hours, I’ll be chasing yet another buying tip. Then it’s cleaning and pricing time, topped off by a wee road trip Saturday to Warrenton. Hope to see you there! Happy, happy spring!


4 Responses to “Junking season is in full swing”

  1. Effie March 20, 2012 at 7:50 am #

    Love your treasures!!!! Sends my imagination into overload….

    You must stop by and see me at Bar W Field, my trailers are already there and we will set up on Wed. depending on the rain.

    Take care and look forward to seeing you.

    • junkology March 20, 2012 at 11:44 am #

      Effie, I’ll be in Bar W this Saturday!!! Can’t wait to see you and Karly and everyone else…Hope setup goes smoothly. Crossing my fingers for no. more. rain. xoxo

  2. Cindy Mayfield March 20, 2012 at 8:31 am #

    Same here. Had a blast finding all kinds of wonderful things on Sat. Can hardly wait to take Dad over there, he will love it. Junkity junk junk…love it! 🙂


    • junkology March 20, 2012 at 11:42 am #

      You’ll be going every single week, won’t you?!

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