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Keep or sell? That is the question…

10 Feb


A couple of years ago, I brought this statue home with me because someone broke her feet completely off at the shop. She was pretty pricey. And I was plenty miffed.


I had found her at an estate sale. Purchased on the discount day, she was still a little spendy. So I had to charge more for her. Then tragedy struck. Since she was no longer able to stand, I rescued her and brought her home with me to live out her final years. She got quite comfy resting on her side on a tea cart in the corner of my pink room.

Then I bought a “crown” from vintagesue. (Her blog is on my blogroll, but she doesn’t use it anymore. She’s now selling through her Facebook page, aptly called vintagesue. You should check it out.)  I thought the crown would look so smashing on a cement statue, but the only statue I had was a gargoyle. That wasn’t quite the look I had in mind.  So I decided to place the crown on a dress form instead.


And I loved it there. By the window. In my pink room.

Until I remembered my footless statue.


I think she was born to wear that crown! It seems to have lifted her spirits. So tonight I planted the footless girl, topped with the lovely crown, in a mid-century tulip. So far she hasn’t toppled over and broken the planter. She is quite heavy and I am known for making bad decisions that end up putting someone’s eye out. (Okay. That may be a BIT dramatic.) Tomorrow I’ll fill in around her with moss. Then I must decide whether to keep or sell. I always meant to sell the planter, but I’m rather attached to it now. And if I took my creation to the shop, I’d have a huge hole to fill in the pink room and in my heart.



6 Feb


Still on cloud nine from chasing rock stars last week. Egads. I decided to put the excess star-struck energy to work and create a transfer for a piece of art.

Lisa from Tarnished and Tattered (blog roll), has an old photo of a little girl that ends up in many of her art pieces. We joke about how Lisa is whoring her out. (I even saw her for sale at an antiques store in Waco, for crying out loud.) Well, this is my girl who gets around. Her last appearance was on a bag with lyrics from the Shins.

If you have groupie tendencies, feel free to read about my latest adventure over at I’m putting that link right in this copy because suddenly this format looks foreign to me, and I can’t seem to be able to link anything (but you might be able to click on the photo to go there). Oh, well…