Keep or sell? That is the question…

10 Feb


A couple of years ago, I brought this statue home with me because someone broke her feet completely off at the shop. She was pretty pricey. And I was plenty miffed.


I had found her at an estate sale. Purchased on the discount day, she was still a little spendy. So I had to charge more for her. Then tragedy struck. Since she was no longer able to stand, I rescued her and brought her home with me to live out her final years. She got quite comfy resting on her side on a tea cart in the corner of my pink room.

Then I bought a “crown” from vintagesue. (Her blog is on my blogroll, but she doesn’t use it anymore. She’s now selling through her Facebook page, aptly called vintagesue. You should check it out.)  I thought the crown would look so smashing on a cement statue, but the only statue I had was a gargoyle. That wasn’t quite the look I had in mind.  So I decided to place the crown on a dress form instead.


And I loved it there. By the window. In my pink room.

Until I remembered my footless statue.


I think she was born to wear that crown! It seems to have lifted her spirits. So tonight I planted the footless girl, topped with the lovely crown, in a mid-century tulip. So far she hasn’t toppled over and broken the planter. She is quite heavy and I am known for making bad decisions that end up putting someone’s eye out. (Okay. That may be a BIT dramatic.) Tomorrow I’ll fill in around her with moss. Then I must decide whether to keep or sell. I always meant to sell the planter, but I’m rather attached to it now. And if I took my creation to the shop, I’d have a huge hole to fill in the pink room and in my heart.

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