Putting the pro in procrastination

4 Mar

I’ve had terrible sales at the shop this month. Okay. Not terrible, horrible, no good, very bad sales. I didn’t loose money. And considering I haven’t added anything new to speak of in two-plus weeks, it could’ve been much worse.

The thing is, I’m down to pieces that need work. I don’t have a single piece of furniture in my inventory that I can just move right into the shop. I need to paint. I need to use power tools. I need to add knobs. I need to pick up stuff I’ve purchased! Right now my storage space includes the sheds, playhouses and basements of my friends and their children! This leads me directly to something else that needs to be done that I’ve been putting off:

Cleaning out my trailer. I have a deadline for this. And it is Thursday evening. Then I’m hooking the thing up, with the help of a very handsome man who sometimes calls himself my husband, and heading to Fort Worth to pick up a HUGE shop-ready load and make a little art with Lisa of Tarnished and Tattered (see my sidebar) while I’m there. It just so happens, an antiques show is scheduled in Fort Worth this weekend in the Cultural Arts District. Sweet Talk/Rubbish’s Janet (see my sidebar) will be selling there. And I MAY be able to break bread with her and a couple of other junkers in for the show. And, AND we may swing by the Cattle Barn flea before going our separate ways Sunday.

So once I get my trailer cleaned out for the road trip then reload it with cool stuff, I’ll be getting the house in order (well, in a little better order) for a Red.Neck Chic Soiree that I’ll be co-hosting the following weekend with my neighbor and dear, SWEET, adorable, talented friend, the infamous Amy Boland.


Click on the photo above for all the details. {If you’re a creeper, and you show up, We. Will. Cut You. Make no mistake.} You can email me directly if you have any questions at all. If you’re in the area and you’re NOT a creeper, we’d love to have you stop by for a look-see and perhaps some gourmet snacks.

In the mean time, instead of cleaning out and/or just plain cleaning, I made some art.


It might not look like much to you, but it has a story. And it goes something like this:

We got a new printer. And I mostly love it. The colors it turns out are much more vibrant than what our old photo printer would spit at us. And it’s cool. It is supposed to have wireless printing capabilities. So we were testing it earlier tonight, and I printed out a test page to make sure it was working. The image I printed was a digital collage I’d been playing with on PicMonkey. To the average Joe, it doesn’t look like much. But to me, it was a couple of hours of work and a new technique learned.

The digital collage began with the green background. Then I layered a cabinet card on top. Here’s the new-to-me technique: I extracted the woman from the cabinet card background. {I love the word “extracted.” It sounds so medical.} Really what I did was erase the background. The next layer I added was the swing. More background erasing, which gets a little more complex with each layer. Then came the wings. Again…hard to remember what you’re taking out, and what you’re adding back in. Adding the text, butterflies, corners and crown was no biggy. Even adding the wand was pretty simple, but it still involved some erasing so she’s actually holding the wand.

And speaking of the text: I have always loved that Glinda the good witch quote. And I saw it beautifully painted on an old door at Not Too Shabby in Helotes a couple of days ago. It fit this image perfectly.


Since I had already printed out this image, I decided to make something out of it. I scrounged up a dusty canvas that was getting stepped on in my storage room. I added a couple of layers of paint. Then I added some gel medium and adhered the image, random buttons (another thing I seem to hoard) and some German glass glitter. I added the bow at the bitter end.

It was a quick piece, but it served a purpose: It was a nice diversion from my to-do list which needs to get ta-done! Will I hate myself in the morning? Probably. But what’s new.

Procrastinators unite!

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