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Do you think she’s scary?

13 Sep

Working on a little Halloween art, while the rain pours down outside …


Is she at all spooky?

Is she disturbing?

Does she look wicked?

I realize it’s only September 13, but I started stocking Halloween at the shop way back at the end of August, so it feels like fall already to me. So far, the hot Halloween items seem to be $5 glittery owl ornaments. I suppose the popularity of the owl is here to stay? I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a horrible thing.



Mama’s got a cheese box

20 May




I know. Cheesy title. But I couldn’t resist … I finished my first project for Paper Cowgirl!

We were challenged to create something out of a Velveeta box. The rules were simple: the bottom of the box had to keep its shape. Use of the flimsy top was completely optional.

If you know me at all, you’re probably aware of my love for typography. So it’s only natural that I turned my box into a letter “T.”

And I think a “T” is especially fitting for this project, since the proceeds raised through silent auction of the boxes benefit the Tina Wright scholarship fund. Tina was a co-founder of Paper Cowgirl. I never got the chance to meet her. And I’ll admit that I feel kind of like I’m crashing a reunion by attending a retreat with so many repeat customers. I think that alone speaks volumes about the quality of this event.

I’m nervous. 

But I’m thrilled to finally have an opportunity to participate. I just hope my work is good enough.

Anybody wanna buy a “T”?

All this useless beauty…

23 Jul

…isn’t really useless at all.  Bringing together vintage Bingo cards, old lace, and fabulous images from Lisa’s Altered Art encased in old slide mounts I happen to have hoarded was a bright spot in my day — beauty, even,  in a house overflowing with testosterone this week.  I’m on boy overload and needed a quick fix.  So when I smell dirty socks, I’ll just have a look-see at my little lovelies, light a candle and dream of feminine frills…

bingo creations 003


bingo creations 004


bingo creations 007

Genuine …I love the old tape measure!

bingo creations 008


Five bucks a pop at Homestead Handcrafts…a small price to pay for an L-7 smile!

While the cat’s away…

20 May

…the mouse will create:

a shop 001

Found the turn-of-the-20th-century art books at the flea market last weekend.  Confession:  I have a giant weakness for ephemera.  Have I said that before?  Even so…it’s worth repeating.  I wanted to keep every single one of the 13 books because they were all different.  I want them to sell, but won’t be disappointed if I MUST hold on to a few of them — especially the ones focusing on body parts.   I left them at the shop today, paired with the art brushes in a silverplate tray alongside a French bust which reads “La Paix.”  I don’t have a photo of the bust, but I do have a story!  I got her at auction last night, thinking she was cast bronze.  She’s not.  I’m hoping she’s really old, and I think she is.  I’m hoping she’s NOT from China via crate from France.  She’ll be priced like the real thing, since I bid thinking she was bronze!  Duh!! *Always preview auction items before bidding!*

I have the run of the house until 1:55 Saturday, so I’m taking complete advantage of spreading out projects and accomplishing quite a lot.  It helps that a new commercial is being filmed for the shop, and my space may be in it.  Needless to say, that means a lot of fluffing since stuff keeps selling whether there’s a commercial pending or not!  I have lots of holes I’m trying to fill on the walls.  Here’s what I’ll be haging tomorrow:

a shop 011

My son was all, “Why are you doing wedding stuff?”  Well, it is getting close to June, is it not?  Am I too early?  Am I too late?  My girls (dress forms, that is) all got their pearls in anticipation of the big month…I’ll be breaking out the cake topper collection soon!  I’ve amassed a number of them this year.

Another creation that will be hung tomorrow:

a shop 008

I’ve always loved how people were so serious in all those old photos.  This assemblage speaks to that very issue.  Next I’ll be digging out the wedding photos.  A friend gave me a really cute trellis that I’ll be using for my wedding pic display this year.  Can’t wait.  I love doing wedding, even though I usually don’t sell much of it. 

Tomorrow I may take a much-needed break from painting and creating.  I was hoping for some estate sales, but haven’t heard of any happening tomorrow.  Guess I’ll check the paper early in the morning.  In the meantime, there’s a pillow with my name on it somewhere in this mess of a nest.  I’ll be dreaming of good junk…

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

27 Apr

Even though that Magic Kingdom ride included the word wild in the title, we still didn’t clue in.  So off we went… me in my prego state, my husband and our not quite three-year-old son.  Dude.  It twisted and turned and truly was a much wilder ride than we expected.  And that’s the ride I seemed to be on today, a day that included four– count ’em — trips to the shop, two trips to an estate sale, a trip across town to pick up from the Craigslister and a junk haul for a friend of mine whose car is entirely too small for her day’s booty o’ junk.  Oh, I also managed to pick up the boys from school.  And did I mention it actually rained today?  The one day it rains, I decide to move furniture.  Go figure.

The new shop space is shaping up nicely, I think.  I covered the blue carpet with my signature oilcloth today, so it’s starting to feel like home.  I also draped some cheeseclothish fabric over the rafters to soften things up a bit.  I can’t decide if it looks soothing or if it looks a bit Halloweenish.  We’ll see how it goes. 

The estate sale this morning was a small gold mind.  A junking friend met me there.  I was off to a good start when they offered me a Krispy Kreme donut, which I devoured instantly — after washing all the vintage off my hands, of course.  You never know where those Swine flu germs might be lurking.  My big buys today included an old iron patio set, an iron table that needs a top, a vintage chandelier, and the coolest and most complete set of dishes from the 50s.  Those dishes were calling my name, and I was completely sold when I learned that the set included salt and pepper shakers, a covered butter dish, sugar and creamer, two serving bowls and a big platter. 

I had to make my second trip to the shop to drop off my friend’s ladder, wheelbarrow and butcher block before heading east to meet the Craigslister.

One time I bought something from Craigslist, and met this man at a gate on a back road in the middle of who-knows-where.  He said I needed to follow him down a dirt road to get to his place.  Once we were inside the gate, he stopped and locked the gate behind us.  Hmmm.  That’s when I first realized that I can’t go off by myself to meet strangers without taking some precautions.  So I called a friend and told her where I had gone, just in case I came up missing.  Turned out the man was a gem.  And the buy was worth the few minutes of unfounded stress I put myself through.  Today the meeting was in the rain at a warehouse in a business park.  I went it alone.  His voice was very nice on the phone.  No red flags.  My instinct was correct.  He was there waiting for me, and  was as strong as he was nice, man-handling that bench right into the back of the minivan without a problem.  Then I ran into him later at the convenience store across the street.  He was buying gas.  I was buying funyuns and a coke — the lunch of champion junkers.  Then we ended up next to each other at a light.  When I looked over, he rolled his window down.  Okay.  That seemed a bit strange.  I just waved and looked ahead, wondering what more we could possibly have to say and why he would want to stalk me in my vintage state.  Turns out I was in the wrong lane and needed over quickly to get onto the highway.  That’s all he wanted:  to let me cut in front of him.  What a nice guy.  Note to self:  must keep paranoia in check.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch … I got that bench unloaded, wiped down and straight into the new space, covered it with pillows and was off to pick up my table and two chairs from the estate sale before fetching child number 1.  Mission accomplished.  Back to the shop one last time to drop off table and chairs. 

Things are really starting to shape up.  Tomorrow I’ll head back to the estate sale for a final time to pick up the rest of today’s haul.

Tonight’s been a mixture of buying the wrong size light bulbs for my chandeliers and then replacing them with the right size, but in retina-burning wattage.  Tomorrow’s a new day, right?  It’ll feel something like that Groundhog Daymovie, where they keep reliving the same day over and over.  Stepping in the same mud puddle.  Running into the same annoying acquaintances.   It’ll be all that and more.  So I ended my day on a pretty note, redesigning our sales tag, with a little altered photo:


The queen hath spoken…’tis bedtime.  May all your dreams — and mine —  come true…

Junking my way into Blogland

9 Mar

Let’s start by getting something straight:  I’m unorganized.  And it shows.  It starts in my wallet, crammed with receipts I’ll never look at; extends to my handbag, which I’m embarrassed to open at checkout counters, so I carry my money in my pocket (which negates the need for a handbag altogether, you might say.  My what a vicious circle!); moves to my minivan, then sneaks past me into my house.  One time I actually let a friend have a peek inside my bedroom closet.  Then I showed her my husband’s closet.  “This,”  I admitted, “showcases our fundamental differences.”  My husband is neat as a pin most of the time.  Still, he puts up with my disorganization and rarely says a word about it.  When I was working in public relations, our company had a staff training which included an exercise where we had to line up based on our answers to a personality survey.  Needless to say, all the creative people were lined up at one end, while the accounting staff, etc. made up the other end of the line.  We (mostly the communications staff) started discussing the status of our purses and cars, and bonded over our neatnessless.  As someone once said, “A dirty house is the sign of a boring life.”  I concur.

But enough about all that, now!  If you are reading this, you probably wonder what organization has to do with Junkology.  The answer:  I don’t know!  All I know for sure is my pack-rat tendencies tend to benefit my need to create and re-purpose.  Where would I be without all those celluloid mirror frames devoid of their mirrors?  What about all those little mermaid swizzle sticks?  They worked beautifully in an under-the-sea piece of altered art.  Which leads me to another one of my character traits:  buying out complete collections.  For example, last fall at the Warrenton antiques show, I only wanted a couple of black rolling pins, but ended up with 36 of those babies when the dealer offered me a deal I just couldn’t refuse.  Same thing with a batch of test tubes.  I still don’t know what I’m going to do with all those little glass vials.  At Halloween, I filled them with vintage fortune cards and sealed them with a button and instructions to “break glass for fortune.”  Seemed like a good idea at the time!  I’d welcome any ideas you have for the rest of my little vials, which number at least 50.  If you look at the picture above, that’s another collection I had to have, now I’m fit to be tied!  Yes.  I bought a man’s entire necktie collection.  Probably more than 60 ties.  But I couldn’t refuse.  I spent a total of $6.  All I really wanted was enough to try my hand at making a handbag.  Now I should have enough to make at least six beautiful bags.  If I ever do make them, I’ll post a photo . . . once I figure out how to post photos!  But . . . don’t hold your breath that those bags will show up anytime soon.  I’m not very organized, you see.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

I hope you’ll become a regular reader/viewer.  I look forward to entertaining you in the ways of  Junkology and hope to hear from you:  your ideas, inspirations and creations.

Have junk?  Will travel!   ; ) Kristi