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Is a picture worth a thousand words?

2 Feb

If my head were veal, which I know it is not, how much would it be worth?  Oh, never mind…here are some more shop shots.  And at last count these pictures were worth roughly 465 words.

I’ve had the framed handsome man forever … and at such a low price, you could toss him and keep just the frame.

That tape measure from England is 40 feet long.  Su suggested that I price it a dollar per foot, but it’s much cheaper.

My colorful side…Today I watched in dismay as a customer dismantled this entire display then walked away empty-handed, leaving everything in her wake in disarray.  Luckily I was still around to pretty it up again.

The art I used on that particular altar candle is from Hudson’s Holidays.  Lots of great digital collage sheets to choose from.

The bookshelf under that houndstooth case sold yesterday.  It was one of the reasons I ran around picking up furniture today and did a quick little altering of the space.  But it was actually fine that the bookshelf sold.  It was virtually empty.  That’s how low I am on smalls right now.  The houndstooth case is from a tailor in Hong Kong.  The story I was told is that tailors shipped their alterations to customers in these cases.  Don’t know if it’s true.  But I’d be happy to accept a delivery of just about anything if it were in such a cute case.

Another one of my girls…I’m sure she’s lonely, since her twin was adopted well before Christmas.

Another bit of color… This display makes me happy.  And ready for spring.

Stuff I’ve had for a while, just rearranged.

It’s Texas.  And soon we’ll be out on our porches…

So today while I was out rounding up some furniture (a story I’ll save for my next blog), I went in one of my not-so-favorite stores.  I don’t like it because it bores me.  I need eye candy.  There may be some really cool stuff there, but I can’t see it because of all the craptastic displays.  Seriously.  I left with a songbook (more irony…buying things that aren’t selling right now), a couple of other books and a travel clock.  I found an awesome chunky frame, but it wasn’t for sale … another one of my pet peeves.  Surely everything has a price.  And if it doesn’t, shouldn’t you just keep it at home?  I picked up a pair of retro sunglasses at the same shop … NFS…WTF?  I do understand why people who deal only in smalls mark their display pieces NFS, but sunglasses?  A frame?  I give up.  And from the looks of things…so should they.  Now that I’ve been so tacky, my good Karma will probably come to a screeching halt.  Oh, well.  I’ll take my chances.


A Few of my favorite things

31 Jul

1. raindrops on roses

2. whiskers on kittens

Okay… I can’t list among my favorites “bright copper kettles”  because I’m more of a matte-finished girl — though I do prefer copper to, say, brass.

At Homestead, I’m among a group of women that share a space together called “My Favorite Things.”  Unfortunately, it really has become kind of a dumping ground for things that don’t quite fit in our own spaces.  So we’ll be getting together on Saturday to install a little “Christmas in August” corner, and the rest of the space will feature some markdowns for a couple of weeks before we undertake a major overhaul.  Just like a lot of things … it might get worse before it gets better.  When we started the booth, all of us were going to put together lists of our favorite things to rotate on a little message board.  Like the rule follower I am, I did my list.  No one else ever did.  But the message board sold quickly anyway — or maybe someone took it home after my favorites tired them out.  Whatever…  I do have MANY favorite things.  I have so many, in fact, that I can’t even remember what I included on my list.  But here’s a randomized list of things I always enjoy:

1.  Chandeliers — especially the ones with lots of old crystals.  But I do love the $40 Target special that hangs over one of my showers.

shop pix 024

2.  Graphics —  I have old gas station numbers lining my hallway.  I have at least seven Rodney White prints.  I have a huge “K & B,” originally from a Ben Franklin store, hanging on the wall of my bedroom, which is also home to part of an old peely fabric gameboard that has the most beautiful numbers on it.  I have a big ol’ restaurant menu in my kitchen.  Letters, numbers…love them all.  And I ALWAYS have scrabble letters for sale in my space … and usually a bingo card or three.

shop pix 029

junkology 002

3.  Dress forms — the shabbier the better

shop pix 006

4.  Doll heads and other parts — I put a bunch of bisque heads in a Halloween display last year that really rocked.  The heads I have now — I think there’s only one left — are composite baby doll heads, mostly peely and from the 1920s.  They don’t really creep me out, so I decided they didn’t need to wait till Halloween to make an appearance.

baby bella 004

5.  Empty frames  — great with a hat hung in the middle, or stacked together — especially in front of mirrors, which brings me to:

baby bella 002

6.  Mirrors — framed, beveled, hand mirrors — I love them all.  I sell the heck out of celluloid hand mirrors in Llano.  But my hands-down favorite are the silver hand mirrors with monograms… leading me to:

new space 007

7.  Monograms — on silver baby cups, old loving cups, hankies, pillow cases, suitcases…and speaking of suitcases…

junk haul 009

8.  Suitcases — I always try to have a stack on hand.  I really like train cases, and I’ll include hat boxes in this category just because I can.  I like metal trunks with the lift-out drawers, too.  My favorite suitcases ever were a set of salesman cases.  Black.  Yummm.

junkology 015

9.  Rhinestones

10. Pearls — especially fake glass pearls.  Multi-strand if possible, please.

I could go on and on for days, probably.  And I’m leaving out a host of things, such as architectural pieces.  I’d love to know what you love. Do we have anything in common?  I’m betting yes.   

My eyelids are heavy, but my heart is light, as I’m hoping to find some of my favorite things on a junket tomorrow…

You light up my life

29 May

I’ve entered my lamp-lovin’ phase, I think.  I don’t have many lamps in my home.  I know, I know…I really should.  But the only actual lamps I can think of are in my bedroom, my younger son’s bedroom and our dining room.  My house has pathetic lighting to begin with, so I could use some extra bulbs burning brightly, or dimly, or alternating between the two.  Over the past week, I’ve purchased nine lamps.  Two floor lamps, a pair of matching bedside lamps that need to be rewired, three matching lamps with girly-girl shades, a very shabby lamp that I topped with a perfectly ratty old shade and some crystals and immediately took to the shop, and a Rembrandt lamp that I intend to keep.  Here’s a peek at the Rembrandt lamp:

frilly phase 004

Isn’t she lovely?  I have a friend that rewires lamps, so she’s going to take a look at her for me.  She’s a keeper, for sure.

So maybe my lamp phase is colliding with my fussy, frilly feminine phase, ’cause I also took a liking to these:

frilly phase 006

They have the prettiest little rose details:

frilly phase 008

frilly phase 009

I’m in love…BUT…they’re going to the shop tomorrow.  Their mate will stay at my house for the time being, however, but not forever.  Here she is:

frilly phase 005

One more view of the lampshade:

frilly phase 007

Okay…maybe ONE more:

frilly phase 010

Now I’m done gushing.  So what do you think?  Have I gone mad?  One last photo before I hit the hay.  This is one of a couple of floor lamps I got at auction:

frilly phase 003

Now it’s time to turn OUT the lights.  The party’s over…

Happy Mother’s Day

9 May


mothers day

mothers day 001

mothers day 002

What an excellent day to purchase your raffle tickets for the Baby Bella benefit!  Have a perfect day…

The junk in my trunk

27 Apr

Yeah, I do know the meaning of the phrase, but I’m being literal here — as in the minivan hatch.  Let me show you:


That wicker thing is a shabby old garden cart.  Those metal pieces to the left are the bottoms of two birdcage stands.  There are frames and screen guards under the cart, along with a phone stand that must’ve been ripped right out of someone’s house.  Bad bird cage that was on one of the stands is to the right.  It’ll be replaced with a better birdcage before heading to the shop.

Here’s another view:


That blue thing is a very shabby bentwood “chair.”  It has no back and the caning in the seat has a huge hole, which only enhanced its appeal, naturally.  Under that is a bicycle basket, and you can spot a decent birdcage to the left.

Here’s the recap of the Saturday Junking Emergency…Neighborhood sale was nothing but a waste of gas.  I spent a couple of hours and $20 and came away with only a seashell, a scrabble game, a little bookshelf that was begging to be painted, a stool that will be cute once it’s painted and recovered, and I can’t even remember what else.  But there must be more because that doesn’t even add to $20.  Is it possible I spent less?  On the visit to the 50% off estate sale, I picked up the two bird cages on stands, the garden cart and an old framed photo that I was so surprised to find.  I thought for sure it would have been sold already.  I also snagged some other framed art and a christening outfit.  You can make out the old framed photo in the stack of junk pictured below:


After grabbing a couple of tacos — San Antonio’s choice for any meal — I headed to another estate sale that was on its 25% off day.  I almost skipped this sale because I don’t usually junk in new neighborhoods, especially taupevilles that grew after clear-cutting my beloved hill country (but that’s another post).  I’m glad I broke my rule on this sale.  I picked up a dozen or so wedding cake toppers for a song.  I’m not sure they’re all that old, but a little tea staining goes a long way, right?  I found a beautiful satin baby bed coverlet that was aching to join the goods earmarked for my new shop space.  Got a few books.  All-in-all it was well worth the visit to taupeville.

This morning — or rather Sunday morning, as it’s already Monday — I hit the flea market as usual.  I got the most amazingly huge megaphone.  I LOVE it.  My favorite find, by far.  I also picked up an old radio horn (speaker), and lots of other regular stuff.  I later headed to the shop with a freshly painted and distressed table, since I had sold a bookshelf the day prior, so junk was overflowing in my space!  While I was at the shop, I noticed the occupants of my new May1 space had already moved out.  So since I happened to have a can of paint in the minivan, I spent the afternoon turning forest green rafters into cream rafters.  The change was amazing.  But after listening to country music on a radio for more than five hours, I was ready to shoot myself or leave.  I opted on the latter since my house is such a disaster… death would be the more embarrassing of the alternatives.  Mi casa is NOT your casa this week, thankyouverymuch.  After dinner this evening I had the pleasure of unloading my junkmobile.  My favorite activity!!  I’ve been invited to a private estate sale tomorrow and then have a garden bench to pick up from a Craigslister, so I had to make room for more JUNK!   Then THAT IS IT.  I must finish painting since move-in day is Friday!  NO MORE JUNKING this week … unless it’s an emergency, of course.

Paint on my hands, oily hair, a booger in my nose and yesterday’s clothes

26 Mar

That’s what I saw when I looked in the mirror before dinner.  (Good thing my husband’s out of town!) It’s been a crazy week.  I was supposed to go without junking this week, waiting patiently for Saturday in Warrenton.  But . . . first I was tempted with Tuesday’s auction.  Then today, one of my favorite estate sale companies was back in action after a 4-month break so I HAD to go to that sale.  Tomorrow there are a couple of community garage sales — one near my house and another near the shop — and an estate sale hosted by another one of my peeps.  The junk just keeps piling up.  After I returned from today’s sale, which was worth the drive, I started organizing and pricing my finds, some of which have been sitting in boxes in my TV room since spring break.  Then I got distracted and started painting a little toy piano.  (My attention span needs attention, don’t ya think?!)  So now I find myself blogging instead of putting together door prizes for the shop’s Saturday Easter egg hunt.  I need 48 hours in one day.  I did place a catalog order today.  The woman who answered the phone asked what state I was in, and I wanted to tell her I was in a disorganized state, but not to worry.  Instead I simply answered, “Texas.”  So maybe they’ll fill my order soon since I wasn’t a smarty pants.

I’d love to post pictures of some of my recent finds, but now that my internet seems to be relatively normal, my CPU isn’t registering my SD card, so I can’t upload any photos — until I locate the cables that connect my camera to the computer.  Did I mention I’m disorganized?  Therefore, I’m sharing some 100-year-old images I couldn’t resist.  The first image goes along with my mirror experience, only it’s sweeter and I’m guessing its writer had on clean underwear:


So now I’ll take you back to Tuesday’s auction.  It was a strange auction.  Usually there are too many beautiful pieces to keep up with.  This crate was from France, Italy and Spain, and I didn’t much care for it.  But I’ve never seen such a huge crowd!  I think maybe they came for the free champagne.  Things went pretty high.  I ended up buying a lot of iron stuff similar to Creative Co-op, but no shipping charges.  I always think it’s funny that they ship stuff from China on a crate from France.  The sad part is when auction goers can’t tell that the pieces aren’t old, and they pay way too much for them.  One of the things I purchased was a birdcage which is quite lovely, I must admit.  Hmmm . . . I’m sure there’s a bird image here somewhere . . .


And speaking of Easter, I better get to working on those door prizes.  Oh . . . but first I must share my fabulous finds from today.  I found a couple of black train cases with leather handles, a cheapo table that will be great once it’s painted, a couple of cheap old tins, some Spanish vocabulary cards, a beautiful sheer floral apron and some music books.  But by far the most exciting find of the day was $28 worth of watch parts.  This estate had belonged to a watch repairman, so I dug through tons of lens boxes and loaded up on parts for some steampunk collages and jewelry.  As soon as I got home today I put together a bunch of parts on a silverplate serving spork.  It’s way. too. cool.  Now . . . about those door prizes . . .


My tootsies are toasted!

19 Mar

It’s been a long day, and I’ve yet to see the shower.  I was up way too late last night creating some little pieces of art, then I was too wired to sleep.  I still have on yesterday’s clothes since I spent the day JUNKING!!!  On estate sale days and flea market days, I usually roll out of bed, put on the clothes from the night before, brush my teeth, comb my hair, and head out the door as soon as the kids are tucked away neatly at school.  Today was no exception.  Usually I’ve washed away my vintageness by now, however.  But . . . the tub’s not going anywhere.  We’ll still have hot water once I finish blogging, right?! 

So this morning I had two sales from which to choose — a brand new sale being run by a company whose pricing is sometimes a little on the high side and part two of a sale I decided not to attend during the first weekend because there were no discounts.  Today, however, they started with a 50% discount on all items under $25.  Hmmmm . . . I chose the re-run sale, and it turned out to be a wise choice.  There were so many smalls that I had a hard time paying attention.  Every time I re-visited a room I’d see something that I hadn’t noticed before.  I ended up with a score too lengthy to list, but it included three metal trunks, two of which still had the tray insert; wooden shoes; a Victorian button-up boot (yes, just one); a couple of bed warmers from England; a couple of Victorian velvet photo albums (one of my addictions); a pink metal toy ironing board (I remember it from my childhood); a really cool vintage embroidery ring on a stand; a great fabric jewelry box, with a print of a Dutch girl on the top; old buttons on cards; some birds and nests (which I plan to work on ASAP); and lots of other goodies.  Probably the one buy I surprised myself with was a milk can that had been painted blue and had a tractor seat that was chippy red and silver attached to the top.  It was perfectly dinged up and a keeper at just $2.25.  Wow!

These people were quite the collectors and amassed collections of all types and quality!  My favorite of their collections was found in a corner in the sun room.  Gnomes and elves were everywhere!  They even had gnome Christmas lights!  I bought a couple of pieces of pottery and some big vintage wooden cutouts, but didn’t go hog wild.  (In case you didn’t read my first post, I’m a sucker when it comes to buying entire collections.)  I’m proud of my restraint today!

The sale was extremely fun, and I saw one of my favorite flea market vendors there.  He always greets me with a smile and a hug, so I enjoy running into him — especially when I beat him to a sale, like I did today, which is a rare occurrence!  But to balance the day out, I must admit there were some shoppers, as always, who got up on the wrong side of the bed.  One lady was dissing my gnomes, even though the only thing she seemed to be carrying was a plastic basket she could’ve purchased at Dollar Tree.  Blaaah.  And I tried to humor a grouchy old man (another one of my obsessions — talk to ’em till they smile) but he wasn’t having any of my cup of cheer.  Oh, well.  I had a blast and might go back Saturday afternoon when they really start discounting.  There was a photo album and two musical powder boxes that were way too expensive even if they had been 50% off, which they weren’t because they were over $25.  AND . . . the antique photos — cabinet cards or not — were $10 apiece!  Wow!!  I didn’t even look at them, though I certainly will if they’re still there Saturday. 

So now I’ll post photos, shower and settle in for the night with a couple of Sommerset Studio mags.  It all starts again in the morning with a sale being hosted by one of my favorite companies.  Wish me luck!

Here’s the milk can stool:


Here’s the junk in my trunk (ha!):


Who could resist this face?


One of the projects, a button collage on a celluloid powder lid, that kept me up last night: