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You light up my life

29 May

I’ve entered my lamp-lovin’ phase, I think.  I don’t have many lamps in my home.  I know, I know…I really should.  But the only actual lamps I can think of are in my bedroom, my younger son’s bedroom and our dining room.  My house has pathetic lighting to begin with, so I could use some extra bulbs burning brightly, or dimly, or alternating between the two.  Over the past week, I’ve purchased nine lamps.  Two floor lamps, a pair of matching bedside lamps that need to be rewired, three matching lamps with girly-girl shades, a very shabby lamp that I topped with a perfectly ratty old shade and some crystals and immediately took to the shop, and a Rembrandt lamp that I intend to keep.  Here’s a peek at the Rembrandt lamp:

frilly phase 004

Isn’t she lovely?  I have a friend that rewires lamps, so she’s going to take a look at her for me.  She’s a keeper, for sure.

So maybe my lamp phase is colliding with my fussy, frilly feminine phase, ’cause I also took a liking to these:

frilly phase 006

They have the prettiest little rose details:

frilly phase 008

frilly phase 009

I’m in love…BUT…they’re going to the shop tomorrow.  Their mate will stay at my house for the time being, however, but not forever.  Here she is:

frilly phase 005

One more view of the lampshade:

frilly phase 007

Okay…maybe ONE more:

frilly phase 010

Now I’m done gushing.  So what do you think?  Have I gone mad?  One last photo before I hit the hay.  This is one of a couple of floor lamps I got at auction:

frilly phase 003

Now it’s time to turn OUT the lights.  The party’s over…


While the cat’s away…

20 May

…the mouse will create:

a shop 001

Found the turn-of-the-20th-century art books at the flea market last weekend.  Confession:  I have a giant weakness for ephemera.  Have I said that before?  Even so…it’s worth repeating.  I wanted to keep every single one of the 13 books because they were all different.  I want them to sell, but won’t be disappointed if I MUST hold on to a few of them — especially the ones focusing on body parts.   I left them at the shop today, paired with the art brushes in a silverplate tray alongside a French bust which reads “La Paix.”  I don’t have a photo of the bust, but I do have a story!  I got her at auction last night, thinking she was cast bronze.  She’s not.  I’m hoping she’s really old, and I think she is.  I’m hoping she’s NOT from China via crate from France.  She’ll be priced like the real thing, since I bid thinking she was bronze!  Duh!! *Always preview auction items before bidding!*

I have the run of the house until 1:55 Saturday, so I’m taking complete advantage of spreading out projects and accomplishing quite a lot.  It helps that a new commercial is being filmed for the shop, and my space may be in it.  Needless to say, that means a lot of fluffing since stuff keeps selling whether there’s a commercial pending or not!  I have lots of holes I’m trying to fill on the walls.  Here’s what I’ll be haging tomorrow:

a shop 011

My son was all, “Why are you doing wedding stuff?”  Well, it is getting close to June, is it not?  Am I too early?  Am I too late?  My girls (dress forms, that is) all got their pearls in anticipation of the big month…I’ll be breaking out the cake topper collection soon!  I’ve amassed a number of them this year.

Another creation that will be hung tomorrow:

a shop 008

I’ve always loved how people were so serious in all those old photos.  This assemblage speaks to that very issue.  Next I’ll be digging out the wedding photos.  A friend gave me a really cute trellis that I’ll be using for my wedding pic display this year.  Can’t wait.  I love doing wedding, even though I usually don’t sell much of it. 

Tomorrow I may take a much-needed break from painting and creating.  I was hoping for some estate sales, but haven’t heard of any happening tomorrow.  Guess I’ll check the paper early in the morning.  In the meantime, there’s a pillow with my name on it somewhere in this mess of a nest.  I’ll be dreaming of good junk…

Stained glass makes me giddy…

5 May

But why can’t I stop with just one beautiful piece?  Why did I have to bid on 13 pieces, most of which had cracks?  I guess that’s what happens when you go to auction and someone thwarts your plan to get all the cheap stuff at the end.  Someone who has mucho $$ to spend.  Someone who’ll outbid you at any price.  I couldn’t even be a proper bottom feeder tonight, because some newbie way overbid everyone at the end of the auction.  Guess no one bothered to tell him that if you put in a couple of hours, you expect to get SOMETHING dirt cheap.  Not tonight.  But I will say that I’m happy for the auctioneer, who finally got some decent cash for a shipment from England.  I’m just a pathetic loser.  I think I even rolled my eyes once as I was being outbid.  Not cool.

So…happy May!  I survived the moving-into-a-big-space week, and have taken a bit of a rest over the past couple of days.  No Sunday flea market for me.  I did manage to hit a couple of garage sales and an estate sale Saturday, but that’s all the junking I’ve done lately.  I had to keep the classifieds section of the paper closed so I wouldn’t be tempted to stray from my move in!  Now I’ll give you a peek into my new little world.  So far, so good…


Day 1 of the move in, I think.  This great wrought iron table & four chairs sold the day after I brought it in, I think… to be replaced by:


The wooden table is of the drop-leaf variety and was salvaged a couple of months ago.  The chairs were finished by my mom.  The table cover has already sold, but I still have that cool set of dishes.


One of the lithographs to the left is gone, as is the angel statue that someone got for a song!  I don’t know what I was thinking when I priced that thing.  I need to pay closer attention to what I’m doing!!  Carol — that’s the garden cart on the left, full of floral chenille pillows.


That little wind-up alarm clock is already sold, as is the little piece of silver-plate.  I adore the teapot lamp, and that black blob on the right is an old radio speaker.  Many people who should know better were holding it up to their mouths and being silly girls over the weekend, despite the swine flu scare.  It does make an excellent hearing aid…


Frames were a HUGE seller last week.  When this picture was taken, three frames were already sold.  The two behind the dress form are now gone, too.  And I had the cutest christening outfit hung in the long black frame for about a half a second.  The iron table has sold.  The black urns are gone.  And two of my petticoats, the top hat and the wall pocket have sold, as well.


I so love this display.  Both the photo/card holders sold quickly, but luckily I had replacements ready.


I think all this merch is still in the store… 


Someone is handling the merchandise!!  I think I told her I wouldn’t post this pic, but I just couldn’t resist…it’s too cute.  The “perfect womanhood” bust was atop the wicker stool by my dress forms before it was snagged at another crazy low price.  Su had a little fun with it before they parted ways…


Another view of the flower bed area…


Shared space pink display…


More shared space…


Not so mellow yellow display…


More yellow that’s not selling well…

and lastly:


One shop.  Three different spaces.  Have I become a space invader?  Can I handle the pressure?  Will anyone keep buying all my junk? Guess we’ll find out. All I know for sure is that what was shaping up to be one of my worst months ever, turned out to be among the top three.   Tomorrow is the start of the next pay period, so we’ll see how it goes.  I have lots of work ahead of me this week.  I need to get a chandelier painted and hung, finish up a dresser so I can move the sold table out of the big space, finish stocking the big space, do a massive re-haul of the space with the yellow stuff, find a home for all that stained glass, and of course…spend some time and money junking!!  If you’re one of my customers, I thank you immensely for your support.  If you’re Su…don’t be too mad over the photo…and I’m impressed you’re looking at this blog.  If you’re a junker, I’m so glad to get to know you.  We’re a unique group.  Don’t forget to support Baby Bella.  Buy your raffle tix now!!

Paint on my hands, oily hair, a booger in my nose and yesterday’s clothes

26 Mar

That’s what I saw when I looked in the mirror before dinner.  (Good thing my husband’s out of town!) It’s been a crazy week.  I was supposed to go without junking this week, waiting patiently for Saturday in Warrenton.  But . . . first I was tempted with Tuesday’s auction.  Then today, one of my favorite estate sale companies was back in action after a 4-month break so I HAD to go to that sale.  Tomorrow there are a couple of community garage sales — one near my house and another near the shop — and an estate sale hosted by another one of my peeps.  The junk just keeps piling up.  After I returned from today’s sale, which was worth the drive, I started organizing and pricing my finds, some of which have been sitting in boxes in my TV room since spring break.  Then I got distracted and started painting a little toy piano.  (My attention span needs attention, don’t ya think?!)  So now I find myself blogging instead of putting together door prizes for the shop’s Saturday Easter egg hunt.  I need 48 hours in one day.  I did place a catalog order today.  The woman who answered the phone asked what state I was in, and I wanted to tell her I was in a disorganized state, but not to worry.  Instead I simply answered, “Texas.”  So maybe they’ll fill my order soon since I wasn’t a smarty pants.

I’d love to post pictures of some of my recent finds, but now that my internet seems to be relatively normal, my CPU isn’t registering my SD card, so I can’t upload any photos — until I locate the cables that connect my camera to the computer.  Did I mention I’m disorganized?  Therefore, I’m sharing some 100-year-old images I couldn’t resist.  The first image goes along with my mirror experience, only it’s sweeter and I’m guessing its writer had on clean underwear:


So now I’ll take you back to Tuesday’s auction.  It was a strange auction.  Usually there are too many beautiful pieces to keep up with.  This crate was from France, Italy and Spain, and I didn’t much care for it.  But I’ve never seen such a huge crowd!  I think maybe they came for the free champagne.  Things went pretty high.  I ended up buying a lot of iron stuff similar to Creative Co-op, but no shipping charges.  I always think it’s funny that they ship stuff from China on a crate from France.  The sad part is when auction goers can’t tell that the pieces aren’t old, and they pay way too much for them.  One of the things I purchased was a birdcage which is quite lovely, I must admit.  Hmmm . . . I’m sure there’s a bird image here somewhere . . .


And speaking of Easter, I better get to working on those door prizes.  Oh . . . but first I must share my fabulous finds from today.  I found a couple of black train cases with leather handles, a cheapo table that will be great once it’s painted, a couple of cheap old tins, some Spanish vocabulary cards, a beautiful sheer floral apron and some music books.  But by far the most exciting find of the day was $28 worth of watch parts.  This estate had belonged to a watch repairman, so I dug through tons of lens boxes and loaded up on parts for some steampunk collages and jewelry.  As soon as I got home today I put together a bunch of parts on a silverplate serving spork.  It’s way. too. cool.  Now . . . about those door prizes . . .


Laundry doesn’t do itself

16 Mar

If only there were a laundry fairy.  I’d believe.  I’ve always been a glass half-full instead of half-empty person, so fairies I can believe in. 

Vacation is over.  Now I’m back in the real world with a very large mound of laundry that will grow even larger tonight after bath time.  And, alas, we’re fresh out of laundry fairies.  But the really sad thing to me about laundry, besides the squeak of the dryer which I sometimes accompany with lyrics, is how it keeps me from junking.  It anchors me and comes close to pulling me under. But while I’m fold, fold, folding away, my mind wanders about all things junk.  Like how, over the course of the weekend, my shop space became picked-over.  And how I can’t wait to hit the flea market Sunday morning to replenish.  And how I should be getting tags ready.  And how I plan to go to an auction tomorrow night.   And how Warrenton is almost here!  (I need to stop before I pass out from excitement on the mound of undone laundry.)  And tomorrow . . . I must paint.  I’m in need of a re-do at the shop.  I found this great white cabinet that may be too HUGE to haul in the minivan, but I’m considering the purchase once measurements are finalized.  That baby could hold so much junk!  So goes my ramblin’ mind . . . bring on the load of whites, I’ve got junk to daydream about!!mountains-005